Everything is very expensive, and sales are pure fraud: a review of a vacation in Dubai

Everything is very expensive, and sales — pure deceit: a review of a holiday in Dubai

Luba Moryak055, reviewer Luba Moryak055, a reader of The Subtleties of Tourism, spent her May vacation in Dubai without fear of the heat. In general, she liked everything, however, there were also disadvantages, where without them. For example, the general high cost and not the most radiant attitude of the staff towards the Russians. “We are treated worse than other tourists, it shows. No, here you are not harassed or insulted, the staff is neutral, but they will not come up again. The attitude towards tourists from other countries is more friendly, ”says the tourist. 1/1

JA Beach Hotel for 175 thousand for two for all inclusive

Another disadvantage of the JA Beach hotel is that there are no Russian-speaking staff. There is only one manager, it seems to be the representative of the tour operator. He is not always at the hotel, but he left his contact. He advises on excursions in messengers, there is no booklet in Russian even at the reception.

Another thing I didn't like: the location of the hotel. It is quite far from the center, it is not very convenient to get there by public transport, and a taxi in Dubai is an expensive pleasure. And, of course, additional services at the hotel are very expensive, a mandatory tax (for Russians paying in cash in dirhams) plus a deposit of 200 USD.

Everything else is great

A separate buzz is the first line. For the first time we took a hotel in Dubai with a private beach, before that we rested in city hotels with a transfer to the beach. This, of course, is a big difference: with the beach at your side it is a thousand times more comfortable. It is better to go to the city by transfer, by the way, buses run here once a day, on different days – different shopping centers.

The territory is large and green

Many activities: golf, horseback riding, but, as I said, all this is at an additional cost and not cheap. The beach has a perfectly clear sea without turbidity, a gentle entrance. All beach accessories are free, there are always free places. There is a swimming pool, a mini water park for children with slides and water toys. There is also a mini-zoo on the territory, we never got to it, but the peacock himself reached us. Very beautiful and very noisy, in the morning even on the upper floors you can hear his screams. But this is not a minus, I'm just stating a fact, the peacock is cool. 1/1

I really liked the excursions

Borrowed from our manager at the hotel. Inexpensive, Russian-speaking groups gather, good guides, they tell interesting stories, they don’t drive to banal places. Although we have already been to Dubai, we were still interested. I especially liked the night excursion with a boat trip, dinner and watching the drone show and fireworks from the water.

We also took a jeep safari to the desert with a barbecue and gatherings in a tent, we also liked everything, the organization is excellent.

They let me drive a powerful off-road vehicle through the dunes, mastered a sandy snowboard, a lot of impressions!

But I put a big minus for shopping

Everything is very expensive. Sales are pure scam. Shopping centers are overloaded with entertainment: in an hour your head is already spinning. Shopping in Turkey is more comfortable, without unnecessary pathos and running around, like here. In Dubai, it's more like a show. I don’t know, maybe there are some outlets in the UAE where you can safely buy, but I have never seen or heard anything about them. 1/1

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I would return to this hotel

The pluses cover minor flaws. But next time, we will probably go on vacation to another emirate: I would like to appreciate the natural beauties of this country, and not just the chic and gloss of Dubai.

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