Fiji islands lift all restrictions on incoming tourists

Fiji has lifted all restrictions on incoming tourists

Fiji received 636,312 foreign tourists in 2022, exceeding the forecast figures. The current steps taken by the government to facilitate entry as much as possible apply to arrivals both by air and by sea. The island nation has been moving slowly towards reclassifying COVID-19 as an endemic disease, and this week it finally lifted the last set of entry requirements. It came into effect on February 14, 2023. 

Fiji Tourism Office Chief Brent Hill is openly positive: “The industry welcomes the decision to cancel all protocols, restrictions, vaccination requirements and testing for COVID -19. We invite the whole world to come and enjoy Fiji.”

“We continue to strongly recommend that travelers carry travel insurance and take the necessary precautions that we are all well aware of in order to stay healthy and enjoy Paradise Islands».

Previously, all travelers aged 16 and over were required to show proof of full vaccination and travel insurance covering COVID-19. Hospitalization rates in Fiji are low, thanks to community-wide immunization and in-country surveillance capacity, according to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. It is estimated that 95 percent of Fiji's adult population has been vaccinated, with booster vaccinations continuing for eligible people on all islands.

In line with the experience of other countries with high vaccination rates, Fiji will no longer have any border control measures related to COVID-19.

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