Fiji Lifts All Pandemic-Related Travel Requirements

Fiji Lifts All Pandemic-Related Travel Requirements

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As of February 14, 2023, Fiji no longer requires travelers to adhere to any pandemic-related travel requirements, including providing proof of vaccination or providing proof of travel insurance.

While the collection of 333 islands no longer requires any pandemic-related entry requirements, it does still encourage purchasing travel insurance and staying at Care Fiji Commitment (CFC)-certified accommodations throughout the trip.

It also makes note that should a traveler test positive for COVID-19 using a rapid test at any point during their stay, they will be required to spend five days in isolation at their place of accommodation.

Their insurance or country of origin may also require them to test via PCR test to confirm their positivity, which are made available at the chosen hotel at the traveler’s expense.

Travelers from certain countries may also need to test for COVID-19 to satisfy their home country’s return requirements, and many Fiji hotels and resorts currently offer tests to satisfy this requirement.

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