First time in Sharm: something happened on the flight that spoiled the whole impression of the rest

First time in Sharm: something happened on the flight that spoiled the whole impression of the rest

“In May 2023, my husband and I decided to fly to Egypt, to Sharm el-Sheikh . It was our first trip abroad, friends recommended us a very comfortable hotel where they had a rest last year,” a reader of “Subtleties” under the nickname Jull_arr shares her impressions.

The hotel was the five-star Grand Rotana Resort & Spa. We were greeted very cordially, the staff spoke Russian, so there were no problems in communication. The hotel is located on the first coastline, everything is clean, the rooms are comfortable, 150 m from the reception there is a coral beach.

Upon arrival

After checking in, we immediately went to the beach. Sun loungers, umbrellas and towels are free of charge on site. Entering the sea from a pontoon without special shoes is not at all. The sea is beautiful, clean, warm, there were no waves. We spent quite some time on the beach before returning to our room. It is understandable: the temperature in Rostov was +5 °C, and in Sharm +33 °C, and the sea was like fresh milk.

Toward evening we went to have dinner. The hotel is five-star, “all inclusive”, on the territory of 4 restaurants. Our choice was Palms Bar & Grill, serving seafood and meat in the evening. Dinner was insanely delicious, especially after such a productive day. In the following days, we went to all the restaurants, each was very tasty, a lot of different dishes and drinks.

My husband and I enjoyed the pools on site. They are very beautiful, especially at night. Highlights, palm trees, romance… Perfect.


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But the nuance that was very embarrassing is dirty tap water. We only drank commercial water and even brushed our teeth with bottled water. And, by the way, friends warned us that it is generally impossible to drink tap water in Egypt, it comes from the Red Sea, it is purified and made fresh.

Where have you been

The following days of rest were full of vivid impressions. We visited the Old Market, which everyone talks about so much. We bought different spices, souvenirs, several types of tea, a lot of different fruits that we have never tried. Prices are reasonable, you need to bargain for every product you buy, otherwise you will spend all your money.

And most importantly! You need to be extremely careful and attentive, as they will try to deceive you and shortchange you to the last pennies.

To be honest, my husband likes to bargain, but for me it was some kind of test, and attempts to sell goods at a triple price did not make a good impression on me.

What we saw

We visited Naama Bay, as the locals say, it is the heart of the resort. We really liked the waterfront. It is very long, full of lights and highlights, many cafes and restaurants, people are very different and colorful.

We really enjoyed the Red Sea scuba diving excursions. The Red Sea is truly beautiful, an unforgettable experience. And I also really liked the excursion to Cairo: I always dreamed of looking at the pyramids, especially the pyramid of Cheops. It was very hot, but it was worth it. And by the way, we also rode camels (they smell, of course, not very good). 1/1

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Return trip

I got a lot of impressions and emotions – just from the Red Sea, but the time has come to pack our bags and go home. And then something happened that spoiled the whole impression of the rest …

Upon arrival at the airport, we were very carefully checked (this was not the case upon arrival). A thorough inspection of things, us, then passport control – and again inspection. We even had to take off our sneakers, these are the checks! We stayed at the airport for a long time and, having decided to have a snack, we were shocked by the prices! One chocolate bar cost 5 USD. The toilets were dirty and had no soap or paper. Overall, my husband and I were very pleased with our trip. The only bad thing is with the airport.

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