Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

More and more restaurants in Argentina are included in the lists of the best in the world. (Photo via Chila).

Argentine cuisine is recognized worldwide for its great flavor and the quality of its ingredients. Today, in addition to those attributes, some gastronomic artists have propelled several of their restaurants onto the lists of the best internationally.

Here are five restaurants that are currently making Argentine cuisine famous around the globe thanks to the leadership of world-class chefs and sommeliers who have managed to maximize the quality and service of their culinary offerings.

Chila – Relais & Chateaux

Chila – Relais & Chateaux is a restaurant that has at least ten different menus that change monthly and are created by renowned chef Pedro Bargero. This gastronomic artist contrasts flavors, textures, and colors that result in disruptive dishes that offer memorable experiences to his customers.

The tasting menu of Chila is presented as a whole segmented into parts, emphasizing different stories, products, techniques, and sensations that the chef seeks to tell. The experience is designed to extend beyond the dish and can only be defined, after living it. Of course, it also offers a very exclusive offer on its à la carte menu.

In addition, this restaurant, founded by Andrés Porcel, offers an extraordinary wine cellar with the best wines so that the customer can enjoy the Chila experience to the fullest.

Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

Chila has at least ten different menus that change monthly. (Photo via Chila – Relais & Chateaux).

Parrilla Don Julio

Parrilla Don Julio, located in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, is recognized as a leader in Latin America in terms of quality and service. Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of its founder, sommelier Pablo Rivero, this restaurant offers an extraordinary menu of meats (from its own butcher’s shop) and wines that have made it famous in the world of gastronomy.

Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

Don Julio guarantees the best flavor with cuts of meat from its butchery. (Photo via Don Julio).

The quality of Don Julio’s premium grilled cuts of meat has earned the recognition of local people and a very high number of tourists who can’t miss the experience of enjoying the various slow-cooked roasts and firewood. A distinctive feature of Don Julio is that the bread served at the table is based on steer fat. This is in addition to empanadas and pasta, among many other dishes that have given the restaurant international fame and that, in the case of meats, are accompanied by organic vegetables.

El Baqueano

Located in the city of Salta, in the north of Argentina, El Baqueano offers a sophisticated menu based on indigenous contemporary cuisine of the South American country, thanks to the creativity of chef Fernando Rivarola.

Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

El Baqueano offers a sophisticated menu based on Argentinian indigenous contemporary cuisine (Photo via El Baqueano).

This outstanding restaurant, which has been distinguished several times as one of the best in Latin America, works closely with small producers of Salta and fishermen from all regions of Argentina. The variety of meats that can be enjoyed in El Baqueano is very extensive and includes rhea, llama, buffalo, wild boar, and deer, among others, as well as Atlantic fish such as white salmon, sea bass, grouper and river fish, to mention a few.


Located in the center of Recoleta, in Buenos Aires, Aramburu is recognized by travelers as one of the best in the world for offering its customers a sophisticated variety of 18 dishes that make unforgettable dining experiences. The chef in charge is the owner himself: Gonzalo Aramburu, creator of the tasting menu of this extraordinary gastronomic space that is part of the exclusive luxury Relais & Chateaux portfolio that brings together the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in the world.

Aramburu has been included several times in the list of the 50 best in Latin America for its haute cuisine, which highlights its cannoli of quinoa, and lime, as well as artistic proposals on the plate, such as asparagus with wasabi, scallop clouds and Jerusalem artichoke chips with aubergine and lime ash. In fact, his kitchen is considered a laboratory where Gonzalo Aramburu experiments and invents extraordinary molecular gastronomy that includes using nitrogen and foams.

Five World-Class Restaurants in Argentina

Aramburu offers its customers a sophisticated variety of 18 dishes. (Photo via Aramburu).


Belonging to chef Tomás Kalika, this fabulous Buenos Aires restaurant focuses on Jewish cuisine and shows its visitors an extraordinary gastronomic proposal based on recipes from the Hebrew tradition enriched with flavors from the diaspora of Jewish society.

Mishiguene, which means crazy in Yiddish, honors Argentina’s Jewish immigrant heritage by reinventing Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Israeli, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Here, new techniques are applied to old-world recipes, using ingredients of the highest possible quality. Chef Tomas Kalika spent years learning the flavor profiles of the Middle East, and many of Mishiguene’s dishes were inspired by personal events in Kalika’s life, such as Russian-Polish borscht and Moroccan spit-roasted lamb.

Every Friday, Mishiguene celebrates Shabbat with songs and dances. A memorable experience that can be requested is the special tasting menu and sitting at the chef’s table inside the kitchen.

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