Foreigners ask: Is the land in Siberia really useless?

Foreigners ask: is the earth really useless in Siberia

For a foreigner, Siberia is terra incognita. It is cold there, there is no infrastructure, and there are more animals than people. What to do in the wild and why live there is not clear. “Subtleties” tried to understand the essence of the issue: is 57% of Russian territory really so useless.


Siberia occupies approximately 9.7 million square kilometers. km, therefore, throughout its territory, the climate, by definition, cannot be uniform. Mountains and valleys have a significant impact on temperature fluctuations and winds.

Summer in the Omsk region is hot, up to +40 ° C, air conditioning is indispensable. And in winter, the thermometer can drop to -40 ° C, with an average norm of -12 … -18 ° C. There are two seasons in Yamal – winter with snow and winter without snow, the wind speed reaches 110 km/h. Khakassia is under the protection of the Sayan Mountains. Comfortable +20 °C allow growing watermelons and grapes. Generous harvests of wheat, buckwheat and oats are harvested in Southern Siberia. The main thing is to have time to harvest the grain before the cold weather. In winter up to -18 °С.

Conclusion: Wide fluctuations in temperature can fry or freeze. The absence of a warm Gulf Stream does not prevent the cultivation of heat-loving crops in extreme conditions, although this is very difficult. .ru/sized/f550x700/51/zz/51zzly8adfs4gckck4kk0ww4c.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Foreigners they ask: is the land in Siberia really useless


There are over 20 thousand deposits in Siberia. As a percentage, the picture looks like this:

  • Coal, oil, gas — 71%
  • Minerals and rocks — 15%
  • Metals — 13%< /li>
  • Diamonds and Precious Metals – 1%

Each industry, except for diamonds and precious metals, covers about a quarter of the world's needs for each of the resources. About 40% of the world's palladium, 14% of nickel and 10% of platinum come from Norilsk. According to the most rough estimates, riches, including those not yet explored, worth 140 trillion dollars are buried in the earth.

Conclusion: Siberia is a rich land that provides not only domestic, but also foreign industry. True, these riches are mainly concentrated in hard-to-reach regions and it is not easy to get them. sized/f550x700/7y/pr/7yprm0fsyi4o0soow0gkk4scg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Foreigners they ask: is the land in Siberia really useless

Ecological balancer

Taiga has been declared a World Heritage Site due to its ability to absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide: coniferous forests alone cannot prevent global warming, but they are quite capable of slowing down its pace. And in the taiga there are about 40 species of mammals, about 300 species of birds, and more than 60 species of fish are splashing in cold rivers.

Output:Siberia is an ecologically significant region with diverse biosystems. Their disappearance is fraught with a global catastrophe on a world scale. /55wrkhbmxbwgsgo4wkkc4skco.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Foreigners ask: is the earth really is useless in Siberia


Siberia is rich not only in natural resources, but also in human resources. In harsh conditions, only people with a strong character and ingenuity can live. There is even such a concept – Siberian mutual assistance– this is when a person does not pass by if someone is in trouble before his eyes: he will warm him up, share food and fuel, take him in tow, take him home. In Eastern Siberia, motorists install double windshields with an air gap between them: such a life hack makes the temperature inside the car much higher. When it's -50 °C outside in winter, you can't imagine anything else.

Conclusion: People go to Siberia not only for money, but also for adventure. And this is far from being a Bear Grylls survival survival show: no ready-made scripts, just unforeseen circumstances.

And finally. If suddenly the level of the world's oceans rises significantly, Siberia may remain the only place suitable for habitation. Some scientists seriously believe that such an apocalyptic scenario is possible.

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