Foreigners wonder why Russians are so afraid of drafts

Foreigners wonder why Russians are so afraid of drafts

blickpixel Our people are terribly afraid of drafts both in winter and in summer. A typical picture, when in mid-July a skirmish begins in public transport because of an open window. There will definitely be a “jazhema” or a hypochondriac who will throw himself into an open embrasure in order to save himself and those present from a runny nose and a cold in the lower back. The argument that it is +30°C outside and overheating in this weather is more likely than hypothermia does not work. If a foreigner is a witness to this scandal, he will hardly understand its essence. Drafts have not been heard about in far abroad, and those who have been in Russia and encountered this phenomenon attribute it to that very mysterious Russian soul. source srcset=”” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Foreigners wonder why Russians are so afraid of drafts

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Where it blows from

The attitude to be afraid of drafts in Russia appeared in ancient times, when the word “antibiotic” did not mean anything. Most of the population lived in villages, and rural life is harsh, especially in a sharply continental climate. Winter is long and cold, summer is short and cloudy, frequent weather changes are also the norm. In such conditions, it was easy to catch a cold, catch pneumonia and even die. There were no medicines in the usual sense of modern man either.

The fear of drafts has become one of the ways of survival, which is firmly rooted in the genetic memory, and it is not so easy to get rid of it.

The older generation with might and main frightened modern grandmothers and mothers with meningitis when they went out (tried to go out) into the street without a hat. The headgear had to be put on correctly too: tightly and on the forehead, it doesn’t even take an hour for cold air to penetrate somewhere and thoroughly undermine health. =”” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Foreigners are surprised why are Russians so afraid of drafts

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What do they have

The draft is almost unfamiliar to Europeans due to the warm Gulf Stream. There are no severe frosts there, even in Scandinavia in winter it is more snowy than really cold. And in France, Germany or another European country, it is not customary to turn on the batteries to the maximum or heat rooms in which there is no one. Drafts due to the extreme temperature difference between inside and outside have nowhere to come from.

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