Found a way not to pay for excess luggage: just take a pillow on the road

Found a way not to pay for excess baggage: just take a pillow on the road

Experienced bison travelers know many ways to carry extra baggage with them without overpaying for it: some put on things that do not fit in their luggage , others deftly tamp them into hand luggage, others specially go on a trip in old sneakers, which it is not a pity to throw away.

But the most resourceful have come up with a simple and convenient way out of the situation with overcrowded suitcases – they take a travel pillow on a trip, which turns into an additional bag with a flick of the wrist. Let's talk about how it works.

Closet in a pillow

One of the videos with this useful life hack has gained more than a million views and almost 100,000 likes on Tiktok. The anayotothe user was going on the road, but some of her clothes did not fit into an overflowing backpack, and the girl had no desire to pay 60 USD for extra luggage. So for just $9, she bought a zippered pillow stuffed with soft material, unzipped it, removed the filling, and replaced it with lightweight tops and dresses.

“Many of the subscribers say that I make unnecessary gestures that take a lot of time, and it would be easier to pay. But I stuffed the pillow with clothes in just 5 minutes, ”explained the resourceful American. Airlines allow you to carry a pillow on board the aircraft, while it is not considered hand luggage, no one weighs it and does not require additional payment for it.

Pillowcase for souvenirs

The blogger with the nickname melanatedadventures did the same, only instead of a travel pillow that tightly fits her neck, she used a regular rectangular pillowcase with a zipper, putting extra luggage inside.

Surprisingly, even airline employees approve of this little trick: former flight attendant Kat Kamalani advises taking home gifts and souvenirs bought on vacation in this way if there is no room for them in suitcases and backpacks. Of course, large and heavy things will not fit in an improvised pillow bag, but it is quite possible to take out something small and soft. Many air travelers report using this method to carry towels and other beach items.

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