French airports are the most active in the world in the fight against climate change

French airports — are the most active in the world in the fight against climate change

< p>During the fourth annual airport congress, organized by the Union of French and Francophone Airports Association (UAF & FA), the Airports Council International (ACI) of Europe took stock of French airports in terms of decarbonization, showing that the country is a world leader in the fight against climate change .

According to ACI Europe, the 63 French airports actually account for 30% of Europe's 219 emission-reducing airports and 15% of the world's 425 airports accredited with an environmental program.

ACI Director Europe Oliver Jankovic praised the French: “France sets an example to follow. I applaud this collaboration and its potential to decarbonize airports more quickly.

Listing the achievements of these airports, ACI Europe notes that 46 of them were certified, while four of them were upgraded to the second level, and six — up to the third. And the airports of Marseille and Lyon received the highest scores and category “4” and “4 plus”, respectively.

The Parisian air harbors Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly, as well as the airports of Cote d'Azur in Nice and Cannes, — the busiest airports in France. They have also achieved the highest “4” accreditation levels. and “4 plus”.

VINCI Airports — French airport operator — received carbon certification for airports in its network as part of its AirPacte environmental strategy.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in early March 2020, a total of 22 French airports have joined the global carbon accreditation program, and 25 of they raised their level. 

"Airport" The program is part of the EU's 2030 Climate Target Plan, with which the bloc aims to reduce gas emissions to at least 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. Achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions is planned for 2050.

Experts are not so optimistic: the achievement of carbon dioxide emissions targets is shelved as demand for flights continues to grow. Even the gluttonous 4-engine A380s, which had already been written off for being non-environmentally friendly, were again in demand all over the world.

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