From January 27, the rules for entry and stay in Kazakhstan change

Immigrants who arrived without a visa can stay in Kazakhstan for 90 days within 180 days

The rules for entry and stay in Kazakhstan have changed since January 27

The government of Kazakhstan has published an updated decree “On Approving the Rules for Entry” in country. In accordance with it, immigrants who arrived without a visa can stay in Kazakhstan for 90 days within 180 days.

Thus, the authorities of Kazakhstan have banned the practice of “visa rana” for citizens of countries with a visa-free regime, including citizens of Russia. It implies that upon expiration of the allowed period of stay of 90 days, a foreigner could leave the country, at least for a day, and then return to the country and thereby extend the period of stay. Now you can only stay in Kazakhstan for 90 days at a time, after which you need to leave the country for the same three months. The period of 90 days is set for citizens of the EAEU countries, including Russians; for foreigners from other countries with which there is a visa-free regime, the restriction is stricter. They can only stay in the country for 30 days at a time.

“In connection with the latest changes, the practice of “visa run”, which allowed citizens of the EAEU countries to stay on the territory of Kazakhstan for 90 days, is being discontinued. That is, it will no longer be possible to leave the country and immediately cross the border again, thereby renewing the period of legal stay. In accordance with the new edition, after leaving the country, a foreigner will be able to cross the border again only after 180 calendar days. In other words, it will be possible to enter Kazakhstan and stay in the country for up to three months no more than twice a year, ”lawyer Abylai Zhumazhanov confirmed this reading of the amendments to RBC.

According to him, the new decree of the government of Kazakhstan eliminates the legal conflict that existed before. The restriction on the total time of stay for six months has already been spelled out in the law “On Migration of the Population”. Amendments were made to the government decree that supplemented this law.

To extend the period of stay in Kazakhstan, you must obtain a residence permit or temporary residence permit (TRP).

According to the Ministry of Labor of Kazakhstan, as of the end of November, from September 21, the date of the announcement of mobilization in Russia, more than 400 thousand Russians entered Kazakhstan, 320 thousand left and about 100 thousand remain in the republic. In mid-December, the Ministry of Labor of Kazakhstan reported that there were 298,000 Russians in the country, of which 30,000 were already legally employed, and therefore have temporary registration. Another 198,000 Russians used Kazakhstan as a transit country to travel to other states.

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