From September 1, a number of laws aimed at improving the quality of travel services come into force

Talking about the new rules

From September 1, a number of laws aimed at improving the quality of travel services will come into force

On September 1, a number of legislative innovations come into force in Russia aimed at improving the quality and safety of services in the field of tourism: we are talking about the unified information system “Electronic Voucher”, the register of guides and guides, as well as the certification of instructors-guides.

“From September 1, a number of new rules will come into force in tourism aimed at improving the quality of services, whitewashing the industry and the safety of tourists,” recalled the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova in her telegram -channel.

As Doguzova noted, from September 1, tour operators will be able to voluntarily transfer information to the Electronic Voucher system. There is a test period for business: for outbound tour operators – until March 1, 2023, for domestic and inbound tourism – until September 1, 2023. During this time, tour operators will not be held liable for not entering data into the system.

“Among the main tasks of the system are increasing market transparency, additional protection of tourists' rights, operational coordination and removal of tourists in emergency situations,” she explained.

According to Doguzova, Rostourism will hold a series of free webinars for businesses on the application of the system. Class dates will be announced later.

To improve the quality of excursion services, from September 1, Rostourism launches the Unified Federal Register of Tour Guides and Guide-Translators. To get into the registry, you must pass certification.

“Until July 1, 2023, certification is carried out on a voluntary basis. Further, it will become mandatory for all guides and guide-interpreters, except for employees of tourist display facilities (for example, museums ) and workers of religious and pilgrimage organizations,” said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

According to her, attestation commissions work on the basis of executive authorities in the field of tourism in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to pass certification in the region where the specialist plans to provide his services. Based on its results, a certificate of attestation will be issued for a period of 5 years.

Certificates received earlier will be valid until the end of their term, but no later than 1 January 2024. “I recommend passing certification in advance,” Doguzova added.

Also, from September 1, Rostourism begins collecting applications from organizations that will conduct certification of instructor-guides . The department will inform you additionally about the start of certification.

“Until July 1, 2023, certification is voluntary, then it will become mandatory. I also recommend passing certification in advance “, – said Doguzova.

The specialists who passed the certification will be included in the Unified Federal Register of Instructor-Guides. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

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