From September 15 Panama is open to all

Panama lifts all travel restrictions, returning to normal tourism

 As of September 15, Panama is open to all

The Central American gem of Panama has finally lifted all of its Covid-related travel restrictions that prevented thousands of travelers to visit the country during the pandemic.

Basically, they have returned their entry rules until 2020, allowing normal tourism to resume. Starting this week, everyone is welcome, whether they are vaccinated or not.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, it is Panama's turn to shed bureaucratic barriers. As of September 15, as published by IATA, the country is no longer requiring any foreigners to present valid Covid proof of entry. In the past, this usually included either a vaccine or a negative test.

While Panama relied heavily on tourist dollars and maritime trade, it subjected the unvaccinated to tighter controls—until now . However, with reports emerging confirming that Central America, of which it is a part, has become the world's new favorite travel destination, we can understand why the Panamanian government has taken a much more relaxed stance.

As autumn approaches, tourists are completely free to rediscover Panama regardless of their Covid status:

No vaccine requirements

No pre-trip testing

No testing after arrival

No quarantine after landing in country

Previously, tourists could pass through all obstacles simply by presenting a valid vaccination certificate. More specifically, one that was released at least two weeks before their travel date. and It must be a vaccine whose manufacturer has been approved by either the World Health Organization (WHO) or America's own CDC.

Of course, the unvaccinated faced much tougher regulations. They were required to present a negative PCR result or a rapid antigen test issued no later than 72 hours prior to arrival, or alternatively a test after landing, although there were reports of passengers being denied boarding when choosing the latter. Even worse, they risked mandatory quarantine.

Those who tested positive upon arrival were ordered to isolate themselves at their assigned residence for a full 10 days, and could leave quarantine ahead of schedule by providing a negative PCR test result on the 4th day (but not earlier). Naturally, these requirements discouraged millions of citizens from traveling.

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