Geckos on the balcony, wild humidity and no pathos: a review of Thailand

Geckos on the balcony, wild humidity and no pathos: a review of Thailand

The reader of “Subtleties” Igor has been eyeing Thailand for a long time, but it turned out that he managed to go only in November, when the monsoon season is on Koh Samui. “There are no discounts at this time, and it rains often. But first things first…»

The ticket was bought online, 201 thousand for two for 10 days

Sand Sea Resort & Spa. From food only breakfasts are rather meager, so you should not take a full meal at the hotel, although it costs quite a bit, about 1000 RUB per person per day. The road is not easy, we took the tour when there were no direct flights yet. We flew Moscow – Muharraq – Bangkok – Koh Samui. Muharraq made a good impression, before that I did not know about the existence of such a city. There are smoking rooms, everything is clean, the airport is small, there is a good shopping area, you can buy not only sweets, but also phones or other gadgets, and here it is much cheaper than here. 1/1

From Koh Samui airport to the hotel is only 10 minutes drive. We had an individual transfer, but there were also buses with our tourists. And in Bangkok, it feels like a third of Russians. Well, or Russian-speaking.

About the hotel

Standard garden view room, modest but clean. Livestock available: ants, lizards, frogs, spiders. I even had to move, my wife does not tolerate such a neighborhood, but they did not interfere with me. There was nothing in our room, the ants were clearly “passing through”, and the geckos became more active only at night, but they are afraid of people, rustling and squeaking on the balcony mostly. There were no mosquitoes, although we were waiting for them and stocked up with all means. There is a forest outside the hotel, they say, there are even monkeys, but we have never met.1/1

It rained mostly at night

Therefore, the humidity was almost always 100%, it is unrealistic to dry something. But there was no damp smell in the room. The sun peeked out, but not for long, mostly a leaden sky, such a tropical St. Petersburg, but the main thing is that it’s warm and doesn’t interfere with swimming at all. On the contrary, a plus: you won’t burn, it’s good for the skin :)

Beach on the “four”, sometimes algae floated, sand on the shore, and if you go deeper, then stones. If you go a little to the left, the coast is better there. We traveled around the island, our beach is not the most picturesque, but with us it is always empty.

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About entertainment

The hotel has a swimming pool, but very heavily chlorinated, I have not seen this for a long time. Better not to swim in it. But the spa is excellent: inexpensive, there is a small pool where you can swim after the massage.

The hotel is in seclusion, there are few tourists. All entertainment can be easily reached by scooter, there is a rental point on site.

Prices in the city are now minimal – for fruits, goods and excursions. We took a phone number from the seller, and he brought us fruit to the hotel every morning, without extra charge. You can also arrange at the reception, and they will bring you food from a restaurant or cafe, but we went to lunch and dinner ourselves. 1/1

Excursions mainly to natural attractions, groups are small, international, but always was a Russian-speaking escort. No conflicts or politics, there were both Europeans and Ukrainians in the group. The “no news, no shoes” rule that applies in the Maldives also works here.

Thais are very friendly, sociable

I like service and maintenance in Thailand much more than in Turkey, Egypt or even the UAE. Thailand is the best country for relaxing without stress and without too much pathos.

Even the rainy season does not overshadow the holiday! We'll be back again.

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