German authorities to lift all remaining COVID-19 restrictions ahead of schedule

German authorities will lift all remaining COVID-19 restrictions early

According to health ministry officials, The requirement to wear masks and be tested in medical institutions will be canceled in early March. The COVID-19 situation in the country was acknowledged as being “fully under control”.

However, the mandatory wearing of masks will remain for hospital visitors, visiting doctors and nursing homes.

Commenting on the decision to significantly relax the regime, which was originally supposed to remain in force until April 7, 2023, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach said that the situation was manageable and there was no need for strict measures. “The pandemic is not over yet, but it has lost its fear factor. The virus can be controlled in everyday life, », — Minister Lauterbach said in a statement.

Germany's anti-coronavirus measures have been gradually easing over the past weeks. In early February, for example, the “mask mode” was officially canceled; on long-distance buses and trains.

Minister Lauterbach said that the number of coronavirus cases registered in January 2023 was halved compared to December 2022. Moreover, the official stressed that the number of hospitalizations has also decreased, and this suggests that there is no longer a need for special measures.

Also in February, the German authorities announced that they would no longer force those with tested positive.

Data from the World Health Organization show that 81,005 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Germany over the past seven days.

Regarding the vaccination figures from the European Center ECDC, as of February 10, 2023, 194,174,719 doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been administered in Germany.

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