German tourists are a priority for Egyptians: the history of holidays in Hurghada

German tourists are a priority for Egyptians: the history of holidays in Hurghada

The reader of the “Subtleties of Tourism” Gromova Victoria had a rest in Egypt, but not on a ticket, but booked everything on her own. “This time we decided to take care of planning the trip and booking everything on our own – and we did not lose. Although the route from St. Petersburg was not the easiest, ”the tourist shares.

Egypt is a mysterious country

This is the third country in my life where I went on vacation. We chose Egypt not only because of its interestingness (pyramids, cats!), but also because of the richest underwater world. 1/1

So, the flight

We successfully overcame it: we flew with Aeroflot from Pulkovo to Moscow, and then by the airline “Russia” from Sheremetyevo to Hurghada. We flew back home via Istanbul, but this story will be told another time. Thanks to the advance purchase of tickets, we managed to save: for two there and back – only 60 thousand rubles.

About the hotel

Arriving in Hurghada, we were met by the transfer of The Grand Resort hotel. The hotel is rated 4 stars, but the service and location are 5 stars. Of course, there were some unpleasant moments in the hotel, as we rested together with a huge number of German tourists. And the hotel staff paid great attention to them because of the generous tips. However, in general, the hotel left a very good impression. We paid only 56 thousand for a week on all inclusive.

What we liked: the territory is very green, a good beach, but if you want to have time to take a sunbed, you have to get up very early, German tourists are ahead of everyone here. Another plus is the many restaurants and bars.

About excursions

At the reception area there are desks with excursions, we ordered fishing on the high seas and a trip to Luxor there. The cost of excursions starts somewhere from 100 USD per person, we spent 500 USD.

But the excursion to Luxor exceeded all expectations, it was unforgettable! Good transfer, great guide, the temples of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are a delight.


open sea in Hurghada. And again right in the top ten. We swam together with the captain and the fisherman, the group was small, which was very convenient. We caught fish, grilled it, had lunch, and also saw dolphins – great.

We are satisfied!

Hurghada is a great resort, but, of course, there are also disadvantages: the city center is quite dirty, the locals are intrusive and the heat can be too strong for some people. Otherwise, five points.

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