Germany is preparing for sweeping visa reforms. Who will benefit from this?

Germany is preparing for radical visa reforms. Who will benefit from this?

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock announced new visa reforms. During a visit to the Federal Foreign Office on January 17, 2023, the chancellor and minister stated that the country will continue to change visa procedures, and in the first place — for skilled workers.

At a joint press conference following the meeting, Chancellor Scholz emphasized the importance of foreign workers for Germany and its economy, saying that the country can only secure its future if it has enough skilled workers to fill the labor shortage.

“It's not difficult to bring the right workers from the European Union, because there is freedom of movement. From the point of view of the rest of the world, this is a more serious problem, — he noted.

Minister Burbock said Germany needed a more modern and unbureaucratic law on residence and visa procedures, calling the country's existing immigration system “outdated.” To do this, visa procedures “have to be turned on their head.”

The Minister listed some of the professions where foreigners are indispensable for Germany: IT specialists, cooks, nurses and professionals working in the health sector.< /p>

In recent years, the German authorities have been constantly working to modernize the immigration system in order to fill the lack of jobs in vital sectors.

On January 1, 2023, a number of laws came into force to make it easier for foreigners in Germany to legally stay, move to the country or obtain a permanent residence permit there.

The new law will give almost 140,000 foreigners who have been in Germany in accordance with the permitted status the opportunity to obtain a residence permit valid for one and a half years.

From the same date, well-integrated people aged 27 and under have the opportunity to stay in Germany for permanent residence after three years instead of four.

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