Germany resumes issuing Schengen visas to citizens of Turkmenistan

Germany resumes issuing Schengen visas to citizens of Turkmenistan

The German Embassy announced that now everyone can make an appointment through an electronic system, with They promise not to limit the number of applications.

Since Turkmenistan has not reached an agreement on visa liberalization with EU member states and does not have any bilateral agreement with Germany on free movement, its citizens need to obtain an entry permit in order to visit Germany.

Schengen visa — it is a short-stay visa that allows its holders to travel to any member state of the Schengen area for up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

The application for a Schengen visa must be submitted no earlier than three months before travel, and all applicants must provide a set of required documents.

When applying for a For a German Tourist Visa, you must provide a visa application form containing accurate information, two approved photographs taken within the last three months, and a valid passport that must not be older than ten years and has a “correct” passport. expiration date — three months beyond the planned stay in Schengen.

In addition to the above, citizens of Turkmenistan, as well as citizens of other countries who require a tourist visa to enter Germany, must provide a round-trip itinerary reservation, proof of purchase of medical insurance covering emergency medical services, a hotel voucher, a bank statement, etc. .p.

For those who are employed, attach their employment contract, leave permit and proof of income (salary).

For minors, a certificate will be required from them birth certificate, custody order if parents are divorced, confirmation of adoption or death certificate of one of the parents. In addition, you will need a letter of consent from both parents, as well as copies of their or legal guardian's passports. 

Once all required documents have been submitted, applications will begin to be processed. The time for issuing a tourist visa to Germany depends on the workload at the moment. In general, the waiting time is about two weeks. However, in some cases, the clearance process may take up to 60 calendar days.

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