Germany will return to the mandatory mask regime from October

Germany will return to the mandatory mask regime from October

In a press release published last week, the German Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Justice, developed a proposal for the further development of the Infection Protection Act — legal basis for the fight against the pandemic.

Due to the fact that it is very winter — the coldest months of the year — associated with a seasonal surge in COVID-19 cases, Germans expect an increase in the burden on the healthcare system and other critical infrastructure. Therefore, the authorities want to “insure” and adapt the law to the current situation, starting from October 1, 2022 to April 7, 2023.

The Ministry of Health indicates in a statement that if Germany accepts this proposal, masks will become mandatory on airplanes and intercity public transport. And to visit hospitals and other medical institutions, you will need not only masks, but negative tests. Moreover, both for doctors and patients.

Only patients whose treatment does not allow wearing a mask will be exempted from the obligation to wear a mask. And the tests will be able to skip the recently vaccinated or recovered from the virus.

From October 1, the regions of the country will be able to independently establish requirements for wearing masks indoors. If the situation so requires, masks will become mandatory both at outdoor events and in public places. It is possible that the obligation to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and upper limits for people when holding events indoors will return. 

A decision on this proposal should be made by the federal cabinet in August, according to the ministry.

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