Germany will simplify the rules for obtaining citizenship by foreigners

 Germany will simplify the rules for obtaining citizenship by foreigners

A statement released by the German Interior Ministry underlines that the government is paving the way for the most modern immigration law the country has ever seen, adding that the new changes will send a strong signal to the future of the German economy as well as the labor market.

“Now we are taking the opportunity to create a modern immigration law to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to come to Germany. This must be done as soon as possible. The coronavirus crisis has caused a shortage of staff in many areas of industry — from skilled trades to nursing. We want skilled workers to be able to quickly come to Germany and start from scratch,” — noted in this regard the Federal Minister of the Interior and National Security Nancy Feiser.

The ministry plans to eliminate all bureaucratic obstacles and promises: if people have personal potential and professional experience, then the doors to Germany will be open.

German Federal Minister for Labor and Social Protection Hubertus Heil believes that the new Skills Immigration Act will help ensure the necessary progress in securing skilled workers.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck added that the growing labor shortages in many industries continue to hamper Germany's economic development. 

The German Federal Statistical Office previously reported that the employment rate in Germany exceeded pre-pandemic levels by 0.3 percent, despite that seasonal employment rates remained unchanged.

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