Half-dead animators, lazy waiters and dirty rooms: a review of holidays in Egypt

Half-dead animators, lazy waiters and dirty rooms: a review of a holiday in Egypt

A reader of “Subtleties” Melena believes that even an expensive hotel in Egypt does not guarantee a good rest. “Even a high price tag is not an indicator that everything will be fine in the hotel. There is no such thing as a service in this country, just to cut money from a tourist. We read reviews, looked at photos of tourists, but the vacation turned out to be terrible, we just spent money and nerves, ”the tourist shares.

The tour we chose was not cheap

They gave 179 thousand for two for a week. Desert Rose Resort 5 * is located in Hurghada. The only plus is the beautiful territory: low-rise buildings, spacious, no huge concrete buildings. Lots of flowers, greenery and palm trees. The lagoon looks very beautiful, the sea is always calm. But this is all just a beautiful wrapper that masks the disadvantages of the hotel, and the naive tourist does not suspect anything about the disadvantages.

We flew on an Azur Air charter flight

Baggage minimum: 5 kg hand luggage and 10 kg luggage. No food, the flight is delayed already after the fact, when people are sitting on the plane, they took off 2 hours later than the schedule, they spent all the waiting time on the plane. We arrived in the evening, we were immediately settled, but dinner was not provided. I don't know if it was our agent's mistake or the hotel's greed. But after a few hours of showdowns, they still brought us sets with a snack, which are prepared for tourists on early excursions. 1/1

Freshly renovated rooms , they clean disgustingly

It seems that after the previous guests they only changed the bed linen. There was sand on the floor, hair in the bathroom, dusty bedside tables, even the urn in the bathroom was not empty. There is always water on the floor in the bathroom, it is not clear where it comes from: either the toilet is leaking, or the sink.

We haven't showered yet, and the floor is already damp. Because of this, traces of mold are visible on the walls.

It is better to take a hair dryer with you: the one in the room does not dry your hair, it is small and fragile, it is scary to take it in your hands.

Now about the sea

I do not advise you to swim in the lagoon. It is cloudy, dirty, the water is practically stagnant, it is very easy to catch an infection, the water is warm. A little further there is the open sea, but it is not very convenient to swim there, there are huge boulders on the shore. And there is no place to swim with a mask at all: if you want to see the bright underwater world, take an excursion.

The food in the main restaurant is disgusting

Everything from yesterday is served the next day, there is a taste of defrosted food. You can eat delicious food only in an a la carte restaurant, but there is always a queue, an appointment for a couple of days. There is no service, there are not enough waiters, there are always queues at the bar.

Most vacationers are Arabs, and they are preferred by those few waiters who have time to serve at least someone.

But the locals are also dissatisfied, many times they witnessed some showdown between themselves. 1/1

Half-dead animators

They just turn on the music and carry out the inventory, nothing else is included in their duties. They are reluctant to answer if there are less than five people, they refuse to conduct any sports activities, even aerobics. There is a water park on the territory, but everything is bad there. There are no sunbeds, umbrellas, places to rest, not even a bar with drinks or some kind of cafe. There are only small benches, but even those in the sun, where unfortunate parents usually sit, who watch their children in the water park. There are never lifeguards in the water park, children are unattended.

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When we checked out, our room was checked for more than an hour

Then they didn't find a hair dryer and almost forced us to open our suitcases… But who needs their terrible hair dryer? Then they began to say that we broke the safe, although we did not use it. In general, they were looking for how to take money from us.

Where so many positive reviews come from is a question. The hotel does not pull even three stars.

If it had cost half as much, then I would have understood, but for such money it is very disappointing to get this horror. Because of spoiled impressions, we will never return to Egypt, even for free.

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