Half of the tourists from these countries have chosen Europe for a holiday in the summer of 2023

Half of the tourists from these countries have chosen Europe for vacation in the summer of 2023

In the course of the survey, ETC found that Europe remains the top choice for long trips in May-August this year for the majority of respondents.

At the same time, for 32 percent of travelers, the next choice for a summer holiday will be those countries that offer the best prices for experiences.

Chinese and Brazilian tourists are most interested in traveling to the European continent.

73% of respondents in China hope to visit Europe this summer. Moreover, 52% showed strong confidence in the implementation of their plans.

As for Brazil, 52% of respondents said they intend to visit Europe in the coming months, and 32% already have specific plans.

< p>In three other countries, Australia, Canada and the United States, the situation regarding European prospects is similar: 38, 37 and 36 percent of respondents, respectively, intend to travel to Europe between May and August 2023. Mostly people under the age of 50.

The Japanese, however, have the weakest intentions to travel: only 26% of them plan to travel outside East Asia, and only 15% intend to go to Europe.

According to the survey results, the cost of local tourism services has increased by almost ten percent compared to 2021 and 2022.

Thus, the top three criteria for choosing a destination are perceived safety (39%), convenience of tourism infrastructure (35 %) and the affordability of travel services (32%).

Travelers plan to cut their spending on purchases by 37%, according to ETC.

Other ways to reduce prices are booking &laquo packages all inclusive, loyalty programs and cheaper accommodation bookings. In addition, travelers are visiting less expensive restaurants in favor of self-catering options.

Interestingly, “the presence of world famous attractions”, which is still of great importance for tourists, has almost equaled the “favorable weather conditions at the destination ― 29 and 30 percent.

And finally, only 15% would prefer to visit less crowded, quieter places this year.

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