Heathrow Airport to lift passenger limit later this month

Heathrow Airport will lift the passenger limit at the end of this month

Heathrow International Airport imposed restrictions in the summer, almost falling out with major airlines British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa and others. Urgent measures were taken to prevent long queues at security control due to unresolved baggage problems and massive delays. Blame — catastrophic shortage of staff.

This summer, a huge surge in travel demand has left airports across the UK struggling to keep up with passenger traffic. And controlling the number of passengers at the airport has become a priority in dealing with the chaos that has arisen throughout the summer months — high tourist season.

At the same time, people got stuck not only in long queues for check-in, but also when receiving luggage. The artificial reduction of flights helped: at the end of the holiday season, the situation almost returned to normal.

London Heathrow Airport is now expected to lift restrictions. According to The Wall Street Journal, this could happen on October 29, which is a little more than 3 weeks.

Actually, all stakeholders expected the bandwidth cap to be lifted as early as September, but management said: the airport does not have the staff and resources to avoid long queues and delays for those inside the terminals.

As a result of the “sanctions”; extended in the hope that this will lead to a reduction in waiting times and improved service efficiency — from security to baggage claim.

Now that the airport feels it can handle the demand, restrictions will be lifted. The date was well chosen — most off-season. After all, until the next peak — The Christmas and New Year holidays are almost two months away.

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