Holiday season in Sri Lanka – 2023: when is the best time to go?

Both an independent trip to Sri Lanka and a holiday with a tour operator assume that you will have to take care ofthe Sri Lankan visaon your own. Yes, it is needed, but it is easy to get:

  • Either you fill out a short application on the website and pay $52 per person (with a card from a foreign bank or UnionPay from a non-sanctioned Russian bank). In 15 minutes your visa will be emailed to you. You can stay in the country for up to six months.
  • Or you can not worry at all and apply for a visa at the airport upon arrival. You'll have to stand in line and pay $8 more (that is, $60).

Sri Lanka and Russia have been connected by direct flights for quite a long time, but there is a gradation by season and departure cities. In autumn, winter and spring, planes depart from Russia and directly to Sri Lanka from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and other cities with a population of over a million. In summer, flights remain only from Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

As for organizing the trip, there is also room to roam:

✔️ Choose a ready-made tour with flights, accommodation and transfer on Travelata
✔️ Or buy separate air tickets to Aviasales and find a hotel or guesthouse on Ostrovka ( if you don’t have a foreign bank card)

Closer to our winter, when the holiday season in Sri Lanka comes into full force, the prices are not at all inspiring – from 90,000 rubles for a direct round-trip flight per person, from 200,000 rubles for a week-long tour for two. A flight with a transfer will help you save money: without hesitation, we took a ticket from Moscow to Colombo with a stop in the UAE for 60,000 rubles (and tours with this method of travel cost from 150,000 rubles for two). In summer, the price tag is sometimes a little lower, but not much.

When is it better to go on holiday to Sri Lanka: high season and rainy season

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Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Red background – I advise you not to go here

Green background – the best month for a holiday in Sri Lanka on this coast

Yellow background – unclear month, weather from ⬆️ goes to ⬇️ or vice versa

Surf season in Sri Lanka


Where to go: to southwestern resorts

In the southwestern resorts, the season is slowly beginning to come to an end: the closer to the end of April, the more often the sky is cloudy and it rains at night. However, it’s still comfortable to relax – it’s still +30 outside and the sea is warm, the waves are small. By the end of April, however, it becomes more stuffy.

At the same time, in March and April, in the north-west the weather is getting better and better: there are a lot of sunny days, almost no rain, the air temperature is close by +30, the beach season is about to begin.

✈️ Sri Lanka is especially interesting in the spring because Russian airlines are starting to sell out tickets – the charter season is also winding down at the same time as the high season in the popular part of the island. Tickets for 15,000-20,000 rubles per person one way from Moscow and the regions (even Novosibirsk) are our real and repeated find at Aviasales in April 2023.


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