Hong Kong to lift coronavirus quarantine on January 30

Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients can return to work and their daily activities on the same day dlja-zarazhennyh-koronavirusom-c3b6654.jpg” alt=”Hong Kong to lift quarantine for those infected with coronavirus on January 30″ />

Hong Kong authorities have decided to lift the mandatory quarantine for citizens with a positive The result of a PCR test for coronavirus, according to the South China Morning Post.

“Those who have tested positive for coronavirus in Hong Kong will not be required to undergo a five-day quarantine from January 30 . Patients with COVID-19 asymptomatically can return to work and their affairs on the same day. The mask regime in public places remains,” the publication writes.

According to the head of Hong Kong, John Lee, in area there is a “strong barrier of immunity”, formed due to vaccinations and leakage in mild forms omicron infection.

Russian tourists are allowed to enter Hong Kong if they have a vaccination certificate from the government services portal (“Sputnik V” is suitable), carried out no later than 14 days before the trip.< /p>

You must also provide a negative rapid test result taken 24 hours before departure. Upon arrival, you need to take a PCR test and log in to the Leave Home Safe application, where a QR code will be generated after receiving the results. Another PCR test is given on the second day of your stay in Hong Kong.

There are no direct flights to Hong Kong, you can get with connections in Turkey, Qatar or the UAE.

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