Hotel etiquette: how to do it right

Hotel etiquette: how to do it right

We are all well-bred people or we want to appear as such in a decent society, and for this you need to know and follow certain rules. This also applies to hotels, in which, if you behave correctly, you can not only make a good impression, but also get nice bonuses. It is important to know some nuances in order to simply successfully integrate into the algorithms of the hotel business.

Booking and check-in

Of course, you can book a room at the last moment, but it is better to do it in advance, which guarantees you get the best category accommodation at a bargain price. In most hotels, only a passport is asked for upon check-in, but it is still worth taking a booking confirmation with you in electronic or printed form. Prepare all documents in advance so as not to delay administrators and other guests awaiting check-in. Be polite and don't make a fuss, even if there are some difficulties – as a rule, everything is decided in favor of the guests.


Usually, information about the possibility of staying with pets is posted on hotel websites or their pages on booking services. To avoid unpleasant surprises, please contact the hotel in advance to clarify all your questions.


A decent guest should always have a small amount for the hotel staff at the ready. But here, too, there are rules. It is enough to leave a tip for the porter at check-in and check-out, it is not necessary to do this every day. The receptionist is thanked for small services, such as helping with luggage. We reward the concierge at the end of the stay, the employees in the parking lot at each meeting, and leave a couple of coins in a conspicuous place for the maids in the morning. With the waiters in the hotel restaurant we act as in any other – 10% when paying the bill. First-person stories

Common areas

In do not speak loudly in the corridors, especially between 22:00 and 08:00. When using the elevator, let others go ahead, press the button for the desired floor only after everyone has entered the cabin. If you are traveling with luggage, try to place things as compactly as possible – in a corner or against a wall.

Before you visit the gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool, study their rules. Usually they are detailed on the information boards. If the time for using the services is limited, try to respect it and not keep others waiting. Resting with children, carefully monitor them so that they do not get hurt and do not interfere with anyone.

In the room

During your stay, you cannot damage or break things in the room – the cost of repairs will be asked to be reimbursed. If you find that something is no longer working, immediately report it to the reception so as not to become the culprit of the breakdown in the eyes of the hotel staff. Try not to turn on loud music and TV, perhaps the hotel has poor sound insulation, and people are resting in the next room. If the situation is the opposite – the neighbors are noisy, do not make a scandal: contact the administrator, let him solve the problem.

In no case do not take anything from the room upon departure: bathrobes, towels, slippers, dishes and any other reusable items are hotel property that you simply steal. If you really want to take something as a souvenir, take cosmetic accessories – shampoos, soap and other consumables. And if you like a bathrobe or slippers, offer to redeem them at the front desk.

Communication with maids

Cleaning the rooms daily is hard work that deserves respect. Try to follow the simple rules of communication with the maids. You should not engage in conversations with them, it is better to leave the room so as not to interfere. If cleaning is not included in your plans, use a special sign. Forgot to hang it on the door handle – politely refuse cleaning or ask to move it. And never open the door naked.

To facilitate the work of the staff, do not scatter things and especially garbage. Put dirty towels in one pile, leave those that do not need to be changed in place.

Departure from the hotel

When accommodation is not paid in advance, you will need to pay when leaving the hotel. The bill can be placed under the door on the day of departure or presented at the reception. If suddenly the amount seems wrong to you, do not make scandals – mistakes happen, and they are easily corrected.

It is not difficult to observe hotel etiquette, even without special knowledge, it is enough to be polite and follow the general ideas of good manners in relation to staff and other guests.

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