Housing, China and Air Quality: What Annoys Taiwanese in Taiwan

Housing, China and air quality: what annoys Taiwanese in Taiwan

It is difficult to call Taiwan a paradise island, if only because of the wild drivers on the roads and the difficult political situation. But still, it seems to visitors at first that everything is surprisingly good on the island, and it’s strange to be dissatisfied with something here. But the locals think otherwise. And there are things that annoy almost all Taiwanese.


It is already expensive and continues to rise in price. The apartments are small and almost inaccessible to local residents. Over the past 4 years, real estate prices on the island have increased by almost 30%. Although the locals live very well by the standards of, for example, China and even Russia, things are getting more and more difficult for them with housing.

Housing, China and air quality: what annoys Taiwanese in Taiwan

If you ask the locals what you don't like, they will almost certainly answer – housing prices or housing affordability. As a result, many live with their parents because this is the only way to save money. Even renting one apartment for a company, as in the Friends series, is too expensive here. The housing problem of the Taiwanese, if not spoiled, is very disturbing.


Of course, the locals do not like talking about their similarities with China and discussing politics. Basically, if they talk about China, then in a negative way.

For example, they can make a remark if you behave in a public place somehow rudely: “What did you come from China”? Is it something like our “from the village or what”?

If we compare everything with the same China, the air quality in Taiwan is much better. There is no such incredible smog from which you need to escape with a respirator. But still, the local environment is unhappy. And indeed there are problems.

They are related to geography. Mountains are located relative to cities in such a way that exhausts and gases are very poorly dispersed, and often remain above the city. This is especially noticeable in winter, in cold weather the level of pollution in many regions goes into the “red” category. And some believe that the smog brings from neighboring China.

Housing, China and Air Quality: What annoys Taiwanese in Taiwan

Local environmental activists are calling for something to be done about it. A few years ago, there were major actions under the slogan “One Taiwan, two skies.” Activists were outraged that the air in the capital was clean, while on the other side of the island, in Taichung and Kaohsiung, in winter there was almost no light to be seen and nothing to breathe.

I must say it's effective. The administration has changed some of the principles of operation of industrial enterprises, and in recent years the problem has become less.


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Housing, China and air quality: what irritates Taiwanese in Taiwan

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