How a typical Taiwanese family works

How a typical Taiwanese family works< /p>

Until a few decades ago, a typical Taiwanese family resembled a Chinese traditional family. In such families, everything revolved around the husband, and then the son, who in his old age had to take care of his parents. But in recent years, attitudes towards marriage and families have changed a lot. More and more girls in Taiwan don't want to get married at all. Taiwanese are also in no hurry to give birth to children. As a result, all this traditional way of life crumbles and becomes irrelevant.

And more often than not, a typical family in Taiwan consists of one person. This is an elderly single person or a young person who earned money and moved out of his parents. an adult child or with an adult child and his husband or wife.

How a typical Taiwanese family works

It turns out that way, because Taiwanese marry less often, but they still bear responsibility for their parents, as traditions prescribe. And, not only, as in ancient times, sons. Daughters, too, may well take care of an old mom or dad. And if there are several children, then parents can travel and live with each of them for several weeks.

Such a tradition has begun to appear recently, and it is very far from the way that existed forty years ago, when all responsibility the eldest child carried the parents in retirement.

Children are still preferred to give birth in marriage. If the couple did find each other and get together, then they will probably get married so that the child appears in official relations. Being a single mother is not accepted in Taiwan. It's not that it's embarrassing, it's just that girls don't see it as something acceptable.

How a typical Taiwanese family works

Therefore, there are ordinary families in which mom, dad and a child. Or two moms or two dads. By the way, this has been legalized since 2019. I'm telling you to understand how far Taiwan has gone from the traditional family.

There are no rules that would prohibit interethnic or intercultural marriages. Although, locals squint at Taiwanese girls who marry Americans or Japanese.

How a typical Taiwanese family works

But after the lifting of martial law in 1987, the Taiwanese got the opportunity to marry a Chinese woman, and they began to use it. Girls, in theory, can also marry a Chinese, but they consider it a non-prestigious and uninteresting option, so if they live with a foreigner, then from some other country.

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