How in Taiwan the state arranges dates for Taiwanese, if only they give birth to children

How the state in Taiwan arranges dates for Taiwanese, as long as they have children

It's only our parents they constantly pester the children that “the clock is ticking”, and the second cousin asks when “you will find the bride/groom”. In Taiwan, this question is puzzled, do not believe it, the state!

Because the country has a super low birth rate. And the birth rate is also falling due to falling interest in marriage.

In order to somehow interest young people in gender relations in Taiwan, especially in Taipei, the authorities act as a fairy godmother and matchmaker at the same time.

In general, the state creates the conditions for starting a romantic relationship.

In many different ways.

Taipei, for example, has speed dating.

How the state in Taiwan arranges dates for Taiwanese to have children

In general, in China there is a tradition of blind dates called xiāngqīn. So even in ancient times, single young people were introduced by their parents, who agreed that their children would suit each other. According to tradition, this is something like an arranged marriage, and a date is a moment of acquaintance of future newlyweds.

Over time, the tradition has changed and the term has become used simply for blind dates between a guy and a girl who want a serious relationship and a family.

In Taiwan, things are becoming more modern, and dates also take place between strangers who are interested in a relationship, but no one obliges anyone to marry. Just like Tinder offline.

How the government arranges dates in Taiwan for Taiwanese to have children

This theme is popular and supported on the island, and periodically such events are held in a variety of formats. For example, in 2020, when the borders were closed, the local airline organized a similar event in the air. True, already paid, for wealthy Taiwanese.

EVA Air was selling tickets for a romantic flight for singles. The plane circled in the sky for three hours, drinks and dishes from the chef were served on board, and you could get acquainted with a pretty fellow traveler. Then the plane landed at the same airport and the formed couples could continue their date on the ground.

How the state in Taiwan arranges dates for Taiwanese, if only they give birth to children

By the way, those who have already found a partner, but somehow got stuck at the stage of romantic dates, are also taken care of by the Taiwan authorities. Because the ultimate goal, as we remember, is for Taiwanese to marry and give birth to as many small Taiwanese children as possible, because now they are the worst in the world in terms of productivity in this matter, and the population is rapidly aging.

The local university offers courses on personal relationships free of charge. This is not free psychotherapy, of course, but something better – young people are taught how to get along with a partner so that relationships are maintained and developed (and children, so that they give birth to more children, of course).

But, I must say that all these tricks work poorly. Taiwanese are still very reluctant to give birth and enter into relationships. And all these state attempts to bring them together do not end very successfully.


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