How long does it take for foreigners to obtain French citizenship?

How long does it take for foreigners to obtain French citizenship?

Declaration of nationality concerns those who are related to a Frenchman, while naturalization is largely related to the length of stay of a foreigner in France. It takes longer.

According to the official website of the French administration, naturalization is possible if a foreign citizen meets several conditions, the main of which is — the ability to prove that he has been resident in France for five years or more.

Thus, it takes at least five years for a foreigner to acquire French citizenship by naturalization.

Besides. a foreigner can also acquire French citizenship by naturalization if he falls into one of the following categories:

– he has refugee status;

– he comes from a French-speaking country and attends a French-speaking educational institution for five or more years;

– he served in the French army;

– he joined the French army or the army of the allies during the war;

– he rendered services of national importance to France;

– he graduated from a French institution of higher education after studying for at least two years;

– he is personally needed by France because of his abilities and talents;

– he is fully integrated into French society

Those living abroad can also become French by naturalization if they work for the French state if they have stayed in Monaco, if they are undergoing military service or regular training in the French army, and if they are national volunteers. 

To apply for naturalization, you must provide a birth certificate, a document confirming the date and place of birth of father and mother and marriage certificate (for married people), as well as all documents confirming citizenship, such as a copy of a passport.

Depending on each specific case, additional documents and evidence may be required. All required materials must be provided in the original, unless otherwise specified.

At the same time, documents issued in a foreign language must be translated by a certified or authorized translator.

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