How many flights per year do pilots and flight attendants make

How many flights do pilots make per year and flight attendants

By law, pilots and flight attendants spend the same amount of time in the sky. Sanitary norm – 80 flight hours, maximum – 90; limit per day – no more than 8 hours. For a year, the total number of hours should not exceed 800-900. In practice, the load can reach up to 100 hours per month. This is only flight time: real working hours reach 150–160 hours per month. By the way, the salary is calculated based on how much the pilot or flight attendant spent in the sky, everything else is not taken into account.

When the flight lasts no more than 2 hours, one crew can have up to 3 flights per day.

For medium-distance flights – one flight, for long-distance flights – 6-7 per month. The work schedule is combined: it can be night, day and mixed shifts. The schedule is made up of special services. Typically, pilots and flight attendants have 10-15 days off per month, the exact number depends on the airline.

Usually pilots know their schedule for a month in advance (unless we are talking about an urgent change), stewards and stewardesses have two “modes”: flight attendants who are “on the line” can also count on a more or less predictable schedule. But those who sit “in reserve”, as a rule, have no idea where they will fly tomorrow – they receive information about the next flight a few hours before it and must arrive at the airport in full readiness. During a long flight, the crew is given several days to rest and recover. The airline pays for hotel accommodation and meals, plus allocates cash for other expenses. Such a rest can last up to 4 days, it all depends on the schedule, complexity and length of the route.

In total, a pilot or flight attendant can fly an average of 750 hours per year. It is difficult to calculate the exact figure – the schedule is made taking into account the fact that flights of different distances fall into it. For example, if we are talking only about long-haul flights, there will be 70-80, and medium-haul flights can fly up to 200.

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