How much does a waiter earn in Italy?

How much does a waiter earn in Italy?

Italian cuisine is so good, and there are so many restaurants on the “boot” that the profession of a waiter is always in the top of the most demanded here. Especially in summer, when the tourist flow increases significantly. At the same time, their salaries also increase proportionally.

In summer, the average salary of an Italian waiter ranges from 1000–1400 EUR per month. And this, pay attention, is only a salary.

Tips in Italian establishments are usually honestly put into a common piggy bank, and then divided equally among all employees. It runs another 200-400 EUR per month in the summer, and in winter – an average of about 100 EUR. But in the non-tourist season in Italy, the salary of waiters due to the low load of restaurants can be reduced to 700 EUR per month. One of the sites with work abroad just announces the salary of a waiter in Calabria in the amount of 700-1200 EUR per month (as of November 2020) Do you want to know how much an olive picker in Spain earns? Spoiler: he earns normally, honestly.

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