How much does it cost to organize an exclusive wedding in Antarctica?

 How much does it cost to organize an exclusive wedding in Antarctica?

Wedding groups of up to 12 people gather in Cape Town, South Africa, to fly by plane across the Southern Ocean and “land” on the beach. to the Wolf's Fang airstrip in Antarctica. You can start the celebration with a wedding breakfast right on the ice, including a cake-cutting ceremony and a glass of champagne in the Snow Lounge. Then there are various activities, such as zip-lining, exploring ice tunnels and racing fat bikes with thick wheels. Note that in the Antarctic in the summer — and in the Southern Hemisphere now summer is coming — The sun doesn't set all day. A kind of “white nights”.

Travelers who spend more than a day in Antarctica can stay at Echo, a brand new polar camp consisting of six state-of-the-art “tents” with floor-to-ceiling windows of futuristic design. They offer a view of vast expanses of snow and ice and the tops of mountain ridges on the horizon.

Each module has a central common space and dining area serving delicious food made from the finest South African produce, naturally paired with classy wines. Couples who want to relax can stay at Whichaway Camp on the shores of a freshwater lake in the Schirmacher Oasis. There is a wellness center and a sauna for them.

Events throughout the trip are held on request. There are dozens of options to fully experience the beauty of Antarctica, such as visiting a colony of 28,000 emperor penguins, nunatak walks, ice and mountain climbing, Arctic truck safaris, Skidu tours and a trip to the South Pole for a special champagne picnic, dozens and even more.

What about the prices? They start at $250,000 per person and include flights and transfers from Cape Town to Antarctica and back, accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment. $1,000 per person will be allocated for conservation and sustainability initiatives. Red Savannah can also arrange vacations in South Africa both before and after a white wedding in Antarctica.

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