How not to become a “rest”: 9 rules of etiquette for tourists in our south

If you suddenly didn’t know, the inhabitants of the Black Sea coast of Russia call tourists “rest” in moments of bad mood. Well, those who arrived at the resorts for their hard-earned money, in turn, honor the locals with rude and lazy “collective farmers”. The degree of mutual irritation reaches a dangerous point at the height of the summer season, when many kilometers of traffic jams line up on the Sochi serpentine, and half of the visitors to the Central Beach of Anapa (including rescuers) are brought down by a lightning-fast rotavirus. Is it really impossible to relax in our south without all this extreme – calmly, culturally, without all this here? There are chances. And they increase if you follow certain rules.

1. They work here

To begin with, it’s worth keeping in mind one simple fact: it’s you who relax here, and the locals work. In addition, most of them are not employed in the tourism industry. They live with everyday worries, and the crowds of visitors tire them greatly. When already cramped buses at 8 in the morning are packed with peppy kids with inflated circles, their parents with sun loungers under their arms, and it’s not possible to squeeze between all this beach equipment, even drivers sometimes ask: “Well, where are you all going so early? Let people at least get to work…”

2. Do you want a service? Pay

Small hotel receptionists are not Marriott's concierge service. They are not obliged to call a taxi, tell about excursions, advise which restaurant to go to or where the best beaches are. I can, of course, tell and advise, but they are not obliged, especially if they have a queue for settling. Their task is to resolve issues related to hotel accommodation. And when they are busy with them, it is better not to bother with questions and instructions, so that later you do not complain about unimportant service.

3. A street is not a beach

Shops, parks, cafes, even if they are located 50 meters from the sea, are not suitable for walking in beach clothes. Do not appear in public places in this form, otherwise you risk incurring righteous wrath. Tourists walking around in elegant short swimming trunks are almost the main “red rag” for residents of resort towns.

4. Smile, you're on vacation

Don't be like “bzdykh”: this is what the locals call eternally dissatisfied guests who are not satisfied with everything – from the weather to the caliber of pebbles on the beach. It is not worth hinting aloud that in other countries or at other resorts the level of service is incommensurably higher, and the food is tastier, and the sea is cleaner, is also not worth it. It sounds arrogant and provokes backlash.

5. Relax

Do not think that every local resident is a boor and a businessman who sleeps and sees how he could cash in on tourists. Just remember: this is a resort, here the price and quality are not related to each other. Relax and have fun: some of the money will go anyway.

6. Don't forget where you are

Our south is not the Cote d'Azur at all, so you should not initially overestimate the bar of expectations. The Black Sea can be dirty and cold, the service is far from perfect, and you most likely will not see enchanting sights either. Although there are pleasant exceptions. Look for positive moments in your vacation – they are sure to be found even in Lazarevsky crowded with tourists.

7. Moderation is the head of everything

Bargaining fiercely for every penny in the local market is nothing worse for a tourist, and for a seller too. Of course, it is possible and even necessary to ask to drop the price within reasonable limits, but you should not enter into a lengthy debate about the quality of the goods and the inadequacy of requests. Otherwise, there is a great risk of running into a rude rebuke or even a conflict.

8. Be polite

Beach picnics with smoked fish, shrimp, pies and other victuals carried by vendors are a national sport for some tourists. The aromas of these snacks can be specific, and after a meal, small debris almost always remains. Just remember that other people are resting next to you (and in our south it sounds quite intimate in the season) other people are relaxing. It is better to go to a cafe for a bite to eat, and if this is not possible, still do not chew right under the noses of the neighbors.


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9. Do not take risks in vain

In order not to spoil your opinion about Kuban wines and other alcoholic beverages for the rest of your life, do not buy anything on tap or in plastic bottles. Nothing and never. It is because of these surrogates that the opinion was created that there is no normal wine in our south. And it is there, only they sell it in special stores or wine boutiques. In addition to the disgusting quality and taste, dubious liquids from the “secret cellars of Prince Golitsyn” are tritely dangerous: they can poison you and remember a spoiled vacation for a long time.

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