How not to get better from delicious food: 5 useful tips on proper nutrition from Italians

How not to gain weight from delicious food: 5 useful tips on proper nutrition from Italian women

Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world. Not only the locals will tell you about this (they are still interested people), but also numerous tourists who wander from trattoria to trattoria, stuffing their stomachs with pizza, pasta, lasagna, risotto and other things. At the same time, the Italians themselves are considered one of the most slender nations in Europe. Studies by the European Association for the Study of Obesity have shown that only 9% of Italians suffer from this disease (in Russia – 20%). What's the secret? We tell.

Choose fresh, choose local

Italians are fans of regional products, because quality comes first for them. Imported fruits, vegetables, meat do not always inspire confidence, which cannot be said about what has grown on nearby farms. Therefore, the menu of Italians includes seasonal vegetables and fruits, poultry and locally produced dairy products. Vegetables and meat they prefer to bake on the grill or stew – so the dishes are less high-calorie. At the same time, Italian women do not neglect fats, but they are correct in the Mediterranean diet – olive oil, fatty fish.

In Italy, people are not accustomed to soda and generally sweet drinks. For food they drink water, wine, less often – beer. Alcohol is consumed in moderation: no more than a glass.

Not hurry up

Another life habit of Italians is not to rush: snacking on the run is not in honor here. Largely due to the fact that some of the establishments and offices here are closed during the day for a siesta, and employees can have a leisurely lunch with family or friends. A siesta lasts from two hours, so you can cook fresh meals and eat them right away.

“No” to sweets, “yes” to movement

Italians advise not to count calories, but to learn to listen to yourself and stop eating as soon as you are full. Slow lunches also contribute to this: when half the time is spent talking, you involuntarily eat less. At the same time, dinners in Italy are dense – after them, snacks and fast food will not pull.

Dessert after the main course is also optional, according to Italians. They prefer fruit and cheese with nuts to end their meal. And they move a lot: they ride bicycles, walk, run, dance.

Choose the right one

It just seems that the dishes of the inhabitants of Italy are entirely floury and fatty. Nothing like this! Italians skillfully dilute everyday meals with healthy ingredients. For example, beans are very popular – a low-calorie product that is high in protein and fiber. Balsamic vinegar is used instead of fatty dressings in salads, and pasta is eaten as a first course with more vegetables, less meat and, again, healthy olive oil and tomato sauces.

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Don't worry

Diets and stress are definitely not about Italians. They rely on a calm attitude to life and food, moderation in food and the rejection of harmful ingredients. Simple homemade food in moderation and a minimum of worries about all sorts of trifles like extra centimeters at the waist – this is the real Italian diet.

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