How not to get drunk too fast: 7 tips

How not to get drunk too fast: 7 tips< /p> So that the feast does not end ahead of time, and unbridled fun does not turn into a heavy hangover, it is not necessary to completely give up alcohol – it is enough to prepare properly and follow the time-tested rules. “Subtlety” has collected universal recommendations that will help you not get drunk in the evening and not blush in the morning.

1. Have a hearty meal

The main rule of those who want to stay sober for a long time is not to drink on an empty stomach. Therefore, before the feast, you need not just to have a bite, but to eat properly. The best option is carbohydrate-rich foods and sweet tea: sugar will slow down the absorption of alcohol. It is often advised to eat a little butter or a spoonful of vegetable oil: supposedly fat envelops the walls of the stomach and prevents alcohol from entering the bloodstream. In fact, fatty foods in this case are not suitable. They only overload the body and do not cover the entire surface of the stomach.

2. Drink in advance

It sounds paradoxical, but in order to last longer, you can start earlier: if you drink a glass of beer, a glass of wine or 100 g of vodka an hour and a half before the party, the liver will begin to produce enzymes that help absorb alcohol. Therefore, the body will be prepared for the start of the main program, alcohol will be processed faster, and intoxication will come later.

How not to get drunk too fast: 7 tips< /p>

3. Take an adsorbent

It is too late to drink activated charcoal in the morning: alcohol has already been absorbed into the blood, and the sorbent cannot extract it from there. Therefore, it is better to take such a drug in advance, about an hour before the feast – it will absorb some of the alcohol and fusel oils and reduce the load on the body. As an adsorbent, you can use activated carbon (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight) or polysorb made on the basis of silicon dioxide (1 tablespoon per glass of water).

4. Drink alcohol with water

A simple and effective way to neutralize the effect of alcohol is to drink it with water without gas: this way you can dilute the alcohol in the stomach and lower the degree. A glass of water after every glass of wine or a glass of vodka can get rid of quick intoxication and a painful hangover. The ancient Greeks came up with something similar – they diluted wine with water and enjoyed the process without any special consequences.

5. Move more

Being physically active helps to cope with drunkenness, so it is worth getting up from the table from time to time and moving, for example, dancing or taking a walk in the fresh air, to clear your head. A light warm-up before the feast will not hurt either. But it is better to avoid heavy loads, because a party with alcohol is already a serious test for the heart and blood vessels.

6. Do not mix

Another classic rule that is too often neglected is to decide on a drink at the very beginning and drink one thing: only champagne, only wine, or only vodka. Otherwise, the effect may be unexpected – for example, vodka combined with champagne guarantees a quick intoxication, a mixture of wine and beer causes nausea, and alternating whiskey with cognac will provide a severe hangover.

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7. Take your time

The more time passes between two drinks, the longer it will be possible to stay sober. Therefore, it is better to drink not stack after stack, but one standard serving per hour – or at least 45 minutes. One serving is 10 g of pure ethanol, this amount is contained in 30 ml of strong drink, 100 ml of wine, 285 ml of beer and 375 ml of an alcoholic cocktail. In total, you should limit yourself to 4 such servings per evening.

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