How Puerto Vallarta is Welcoming Travelers With Open Arms

How Puerto Vallarta is Welcoming Travelers With Open Arms

Downtown Puerto Vallarta. (photo via Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board)

Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, is located on one of the largest, deepest, and most stunning natural bays in the world, Bahia de Banderas, which supports almost any form of water recreation imaginable.

The title of World’s Friendliest City has been awarded to Puerto Vallarta thanks to the warmth of its people and for welcoming visitors with open arms. For more than 60 years it has established itself as a premier destination for the LGBTQ+ community, and no wonder, because in addition to the warm hospitality, Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of attractions, from restaurants and bars to spas and exclusive tours.

Puerto Vallarta has a range of options to make your trip unforgettable. You can walk the Malecon at sunset, explore the picturesque streets with details in every corner, enjoy the gastronomy of acclaimed restaurants and bars, enjoy the nightlife of the Romantic Zone or book a moment of relaxation in world-class spas or a massage in front of the sea.

Beach Club and Chill

Relaxation and good taste await you at the city’s beach clubs, an excellent option to sample local cuisine and international delicacies and spend the evening admiring the view of the Pacific. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends amid sunsets that have made this destination famous.

Party at the Sea

Imagine a private ride on the Pacific with your friends while enjoying the best atmosphere at sea. Music and fun will be the driving force of this experience, and the best part is that you will find a wide range of tours to suit your taste and budget.

Romantic Zone

Undoubtedly, a must during your visit. The Romantic Zone or Old Vallarta has a plethora of restaurants, bars and entertainment centers that will make your evening an unforgettable moment. No matter what your plan is, you are sure to find the ideal option in this charming neighborhood.

Additionally, Puerto Vallarta is where the humpback whales come every winter, where dolphins nest year-round, and deep-sea fishing is excellent. The winds are great here for sailing. Surfing is superb on the north coast of the bay. Almost 30 miles of the bay’s coast is completely inaccessible by road and therefore pristine and devoid of development.

The mountains surrounding the bay are lush with tropical jungle, the beaches in some areas are framed by these mountains that come right down to the water’s edge, and, best of all, none of it is ruined by pollution or any industrial ugliness. In Puerto Vallarta, the air is clean, the sun shines without rain almost all winter long, and the sunsets, well, they’re as spectacular as you could possibly ask for.

How Puerto Vallarta is Welcoming Travelers With Open Arms

Fireworks over the bay in Puerto Vallarta. (photo via Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board)

Every year, Puerto Vallarta seems to become more popular as an inclusive vacation spot. With a great climate, beautiful ocean bay, beaches, mountains and lush tropical jungle as the setting, Puerto Vallarta is a small city devoted to serving the visiting traveler. While retaining much of its old-style Mexican charm, Vallarta has over the years built up the infrastructure of a modern resort community. Internet cafes, ATM machines, exceptional restaurants, modern medical services, drinkable water supply, and a safe, tolerant environment are now all part of the Vallarta scene.

So, visiting a tropical paradise doesn’t have to be a choice between a modern but sterile place or the alternative of a quaint but primitive existence. Puerto Vallarta has all the quaintness, without compromising on any of the modern conveniences.

How Puerto Vallarta is Welcoming Travelers With Open Arms

Atardecer en Puerto Vallarta.

International Participation

Puerto Vallarta has positioned itself as a tourist paradise of inclusion, respect and hospitality for the entire LGBTQ+ travel community. It recently participated in the IGLTA Annual Global Convention, the main worldwide convention for the LGBTQ+ travel industry. This year it was held in Milan, Italy, where more than 550 delegates from 39 countries gathered, in which this important tourist city once again positioned itself as one of the main destinations for the community at an international level.

During the event, the aim was to strengthen ties with the professionals of this industry and to continue encouraging sales of this outstanding market during all seasons, comparable to those registered during Vallarta Pride, which is celebrated in the month of May and kicks off Gay Pride celebrations throughout Mexico.

The global network of IGLTA includes 12,000 lodging sites, destinations, service providers, travel agents, tour operators, events and media focused on LGBTQ+ travel in more than 80 countries, with Puerto Vallarta being one of the main members of this community.

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