How taxi drivers cheat in Thailand: 5 main tricks

How taxi drivers cheat in Thailand: 5 main tricks

Recently, the Thai government has taken seriously the taxi drivers, spoiling the reputation of the country in the eyes of numerous foreign tourists. Drivers who refuse to carry passengers will be fined and even arrested.

But until the new laws are fully operational, taxi drivers continue to successfully deceive gullible tourists. Let's analyze the 5 most common tricks and tell you what to do if you are “caught”.

1.The most common trick is turning off the counter. All Thai taxi drivers must charge strictly according to the meter, but not all tourists are aware of this. Cab drivers take advantage of this and sometimes demand from passengers an amount that exceeds the actual cost of the trip by several times.

2. There are also such tricksters who turn on the meter, but drive in circles or not along the shortest path. Ideally, we advise you to use the navigator on your phone and follow the movements of your taxi driver so that he can see it.

3.Many try to earn extra money by demanding extra money from passengers for a trip, which is considered illegal. However, some tourists agree and overpay up to 90 THB.

4. Some taxi drivers try to drop off passengers before they reach the end point, citing heavy traffic jams, saying that it’s easier for you to walk.

5.Many drivers, having learned that you are not far away, may refuse to travel. Explaining this, as a rule, by the fact that they have finished their shift and are going to the park. According to Thai rules, a taxi driver who has completed work must turn off the sign indicating that he is free.

What to do?

So, what to do if you were deceived by a cunning taxi driver? The Thai Traffic Police recommends calling the 1197 hotline and reporting the incident. By phone, you must provide the number and color of the car.

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