How to choose a tour to Dagestan?

Dagestan has become an incredibly popular destination in recent years, but this has led to the emergence of many organizers with low-quality tours & nbsp; and people who want to cash in on this wave. Read the article and choose your vacation with organizers who won't ruin your vacation. 

1. Choose the “ring route” 

The beauty of Dagestan is in the mountains, but there is practically no hotel fund there. Therefore, you should choose either comfortable accommodation in Makhachkala, or a real trip around Dagestan. It is there that hospitality, color, incredible beauty of the views and it is on a journey through the mountains that you will see a real diamond – Dagestan. 
Our route in Dagestan is RING-RING – this means that we do not go back and forth from the city along the same road, which is tiring for both tourists and the driver, we cover more sights and beautiful places.

2 . Choose jeep tours 

If you don't want to bounce on every bump, don't want to get sick in the back seat of a minibus, want to see a full view of the surrounding mountain beauties and want to drive to the most beautiful, but hard-to-reach places, then a trip around Dagestan in a mini-company in jeeps is the key to a good trip. 
Our local jeep guides with well-maintained cars prepared for mountain driving know the nuances of safe mountain driving, the most beautiful routes and they are just fun guys with whom you will not be bored for a minute!

How to choose a tour to Dagestan?

3. Choose licensed guides with extensive experience

With the growing popularity of Dagestan, the number of people who want to make money on tourists is growing. Without experience and without organizing skills. If you don't want to spoil your vacation with unprofessionalism, and in some cases accidents, then choose licensed guides. 
All our guides are highly experienced. 
AND IMPORTANT: Our guides speak fluent and joke good Russian. 

4. Pay attention to housing

In the mountains of Dagestan, there are very few good housing with amenities inside. It is almost impossible to book online. 
But we managed to organize for you comfortable conditions and accommodation in 2-3 bed rooms in picturesque places.

5. Read the programs offered carefully

Some programs often do not include hidden costs – entrance tickets to attractions and master classes 
We do not have hidden surcharges. Accommodation, meals, all excursions, all entrance fees included!

How to choose a tour to Dagestan?

6. Choose experienced organizers

Do not transfer money “to the grandfather's village”. A common problem is the promise of booking the dates you need, but in fact the cancellation of the tour. Check reviews, videos of real tourists, follow their social networks. 

Travel with TWTtravel! We have many different tours and destinations! 1200 satisfied tourists and hundreds of quality author's tours. With love, TWTravel team.

How to choose a tour to Dagestan?


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