How to dress so as not to attract the annoying attention of locals in Egypt

How to dress so as not to attract the annoying attention of locals in Egypt

A trip to a beach resort in a country where the majority of the population professes Islam is a certain quest in terms of choosing a wardrobe, especially for women who do not plan to spend their entire vacation at the hotel. Egypt, of course, is not Saudi Arabia and not Iran – in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab, tourists dress in all sorts of things, and the locals seem to have long been accustomed to. But, as always, there are nuances.

Girls in bikinis and short shorts are at least seen off by the “hot Egyptian guys” with a fiery gaze.

And as a maximum – they climb with compliments, enthusiastic lamentations and other signs of attention, without which most of his “objects” would prefer to do without.

Basic principle

The main rule of holiday wardrobe in Egypt is that the higher the ratio of locals to tourists, the more conservative clothing should be chosen in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. On the territory of the hotel you can walk in the usual beach toilets. But if you do not want obsessive attention from the staff, it is better to stay within reason there.

When entering the city, you should dress more modestly, especially if you plan to visit the market, souvenir shops, or walk along the embankment. In large cities (Cairo, Alexandria), where the bulk of the population is Egyptian, give preference to clothing that covers the body. Ideally, arms up to the elbow and legs up to the ankle can remain open, it is better to hide everything else.

The main points of the Egyptian “dress code”

In order not to upset some Egyptians once again, and not to provoke others to unnecessary signs of attention, follow simple recommendations in clothing:

  • Covered shoulders and skirts below the knees, for men – shorts below the knees or trousers

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    • No cleavage or deep back
    • No tight-fitting pieces
    • Short-sleeved T-shirts are fine, like jeans/skinny pants, but in tandem with a tunic or blouse to the hips; the Egyptians themselves wear this without problems
    • It is not necessary to cover your head – only if you do not want to protect yourself from the sun

    You should be more careful about your appearance during religious holidays – in this Egyptians are especially susceptible to anything that goes against their traditions.

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