How to drink Turkish coffee without being considered rude and allowed to marry a local

How to drink Turkish coffee without being considered rude and being allowed to marry a local

Coffee in Turkey is always served with water. This is a tradition. But in what sequence should they be drunk so as not to cause bewilderment among the locals?

Let's not whip up intrigue out of the blue: first in Turkey they drink water. Why? To remove all other tastes that may be on the tongue. And only then can you move on to coffee. So the taste of a noble drink will stay with you for a long time.

Many funny stories are connected with this rule

The Turkish Ambassador to Russia Mehmet Samsar told us a couple.

  • Previously, when the groom came to the bride's parents to ask for a hand and a heart, the father poured traditional Turkish coffee for him and watched the young man drink it. If he first drank coffee, and then water, the chances of marriage tended to zero. The father’s argument was this: since you ruined the taste of coffee with water, then you will ruin my daughter’s life too.
  • Now, when the groom comes to the bride’s parents, salt or too much sugar is often added to his coffee – and they look to the reaction. If a young man begins to frown and resent, then he is unrestrained and ill-mannered. If he drinks the offered drink with a calm look and does not react in any way, then he is calm, reliable, able to control himself. You can give your beloved daughter for this.

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