How to make sure your hotel room is free of bed bugs

How to make sure there are no bed bugs in a hotel room

Even if you are used to believing that bedbugs are an attribute of a bygone era, this is not so. Small blood-sucking parasites live and live to this day, and not necessarily in cheap hotels. How to make sure that a sassy neighbor (or rather, his whole friendly family) is not wound up in bed? Arm yourself with a flashlight on your smartphone and go on an exciting journey through the hotel jungle. For what? To a) not get bitten, especially if you have allergies, and b) not bring new pets home.

Luggage First

No, of course, there are no bedbugs in your suitcase initially, but they may well get there while you are looking around the room. Human things have a persistent and very appetizing aroma for them, and a suitcase will lure them 100%. What we do: we go into the room and immediately carry the luggage to the bathroom. Bedbugs do not like tiles or tiles, they have nothing to profit from there, so this room is the only one where you can leave things fearlessly.

A bed for you is a gourmet restaurant for them

Logically, the first step is to check the mattress and bed frame. Bed bugs eat people, and we spend most of our time in a hotel room in a dream, so their sleeping bed is a banquet hall. (And if the bed is double, then a buffet.) But before you look for bedbugs, you need to arm yourself with a portrait of the enemy. What the bug looks like: this is a small insect without wings with a flat oval body, not exceeding 8 mm in size. Color – from dark brown to dirty yellow. They do not live alone, they attack at night (from 3 to 8 in the morning, but if they are hungry, they will come during the day). They are visually similar to apple seeds, so it is impossible to confuse or mistake a drop of dirt for a bug.

Have you met? Now forward, on searches. We turn on the flashlight on the smartphone and carefully inspect the bed frame, headboard, and back surface. If possible, move the bed away from the wall so you can see from that side as well. Check the bed linens too, especially the seams. If there are no small brown spots (larvae and excrement), and the parasites themselves are not found, we sleep peacefully. Although no, you also need to check the closet!

Step three – play The Chronicles of Narnia

Look into the closet with your head (we're not kidding). Take a flashlight and carefully inspect the shelves, the bottom, the doors and every crack and dent. The same applies to bedside tables, chest of drawers and other furniture where underwear is stored. The lion, the witch and the bed bug didn't show up? We go to the last point of our route – upholstered furniture.

Checking upholstered furniture

If the bed is the place in the room where a person spends most of the time, then sofas and armchairs are in an honorable second place. Add to this list upholstered chairs and all kinds of poufs. We check not only from above and behind, but also remove the pillows from the sofas, paying special attention to the seams, zippers and the wrong side of the covers.

We wish you a good and restful sleep!

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