How to properly handle a mosquito bite

How to properly handle a mosquito bite

Mosquitoes have an amazing ability to spoil the rest: if you are distracted for a second, a bite follows a nasty squeak. We will tell you what to do when it itches a lot.

Mom, do something!

It is almost impossible to get a child not to scratch the bite site, but it is worth a try. First, you need to apply ice to the reddened cone, and then make a mini-compress from gruel based on soda and water. When the mixture dries, and it will take about 10 minutes, you need to repeat the procedure.

Oatmeal is not only a healthy breakfast, but also an effective remedy for itching. First, the flakes need to be ground, and then diluted with water. Apply a thick mass to the lesion.

Itchy and itchy…

If itching is unbearable, you should try the following remedies. The most fragrant and pleasant of them is basil. Well knead the leaves in the palms, and then attach to the bite. No less effective are lotions from a gel-like substance extracted from aloe vera leaves. If a healing plant is not at hand, grated potatoes will save. Ointments with menthol cool the skin and also bring temporary relief.


If first aid is late and swelling has formed at the site of the bite, rubbing with boric alcohol or apple cider vinegar will help. After the procedure, the swelling is smeared with iodine.

Drug treatment

When folk remedies do not live up to expectations (and this usually happens with a pronounced allergic reaction to a bite), pharmacy ones come to the rescue. Apply an ointment or cream with antihistamines to damaged skin. With severe redness, an emulsion with hydrocortisone or a lotion with calamine will save. Important: these funds can not be used more than three times a day and longer than four days. If the mosquito bite continues to bother you, you should consult a doctor.

What to do with allergies

Some particularly unfortunate people suffer from Skeeter's syndrome – severe allergies on the mosquito's saliva that it releases during a bite. The most common reaction is a rash and blisters, to get rid of them you will need patience and medication prescribed by a doctor. And in very rare cases, anaphylaxis develops. In such a situation, you can not hesitate: urgently call an ambulance.

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