How to relax in Abkhazia and not screw up: checklist

How to relax in Abkhazia and don't screw up: checklist

In the summer of 2023, Abkhazia again entered the top five most popular and affordable tourist destinations: you can go here together for 10 days for 45,000 rubles. True, not everyone remembers such a vacation with pleasure later. Broken roads, interruptions in water and electricity, not too developed infrastructure and modest service – what else do you need to be prepared for in the Land of the Soul and how to avoid possible problems? 6 useful tips – in the list of caring “Subtleties”.

1. Don't expect too much

Abkhazia has decent quality restored hotels, but there are not too many of them, and this country is hardly suitable for those who are used to luxury holidays. “A modest level of comfort and convenience” – this is how honest private guides describe their tours in Abkhazia. It would be nice to part with high expectations at the planning stage: instead, it is better to collect as much information as possible in advance. Before booking a hotel room or a room in the private sector, you should carefully read the reviews of past guests and correlate them with your requests.

2. Be careful with food and water

Experienced travelers unanimously advise not to drink tap water in Abkhazia – only bottled from the store, in extreme cases – boiled. And in no case do not swallow sea water: the treatment facilities in the country are old, so it is quite possible to catch an intestinal infection.

It is also worth giving up hot pastries that are not the first freshness offered on hot beaches, and not buying homemade wine in plastic bottles from unknown sellers. Do not forget to wash fruits, vegetables and berries: many complain about ruined holidays due to neglect of basic hygiene rules. In Abkhaz cafes and even canteens, you can eat deliciously and inexpensively, but in order not to make a mistake with the choice of an institution, ask the locals – they will suggest a proven place.

3. Assemble a first aid kit

The most cautious tourists are not immune from health troubles, so you should always have a first-aid kit on hand. It is not necessary to bring an annual supply of medicines with you, it is enough to take the essentials: rehydron, sorbents and antimicrobial agents in case of rotavirus, antipyretics, painkillers, medicines for allergies, coughs and runny nose. Russian compulsory medical insurance policies in Abkhazia are not valid, treatment can be expensive, and its quality is not up to par. In case of serious medical problems, you will most likely have to go to the doctor in Adler.

4. Stay vigilant

Even the authors of rave reviews about Abkhazia do not get tired of warning: be more vigilant, do not fall for the bait of numerous scammers. “They impose “acquaintance with the monkey”, and then they present a bill of 1000 RUB. If there is no cash, you can use a translator”, “Juice is not juice here, baklava in the markets in the last century was bought in the Krasnodar Territory,” our readers share.

Pickpocketing, inflated bills in cafes and restaurants, unscrupulous guides – unfortunately, all this is an everyday Abkhazian reality. Do not leave things unattended in the car or on the beach, check receipts, book excursions in trusted companies, so that later you will not regret your own carelessness.

5. Be careful on the roads

Abkhaz drivers often ignore traffic rules, so both car owners and pedestrians should take care of their safety on their own. Buckle up in cars, carefully look around when crossing the road, do not exceed the speed limit, no matter how the locals honk. It is better to leave your cars in guarded parking lots.

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6. Grab cash

Russian cards work in Abkhazia, but you can't use them everywhere. Cash rubles will come in handy in the markets, in small shops, on excursions, and sometimes even in large restaurants – sometimes it is impossible to pay with a card due to power outages. There are not so many ATMs, and a commission is often charged for withdrawing money. At bazaars or in small cafes, sometimes even thousandth bills are not accepted.

In general, it is worth making sure and bringing at least half of the amount planned for the vacation in cash – if possible, not too large.

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