How to relax in Ethiopia for free

How to relax in Ethiopia for free

“Stopover” has already been practiced in Addis Ababa for transit passengers who had to wait more than 8 hours for a connecting flight. Bonuses for such tourists:

  • transfer airport-hotel-airport;
  • a hotel room for a day;
  • two meals a day;
  • < li>free movement around the city without a visa;

  • preferential prices for excursions. 


From August 9, this service is also available for those foreigners who voluntarily decide to postpone their connecting flight in order to explore the sights of the city. The only condition – a voluntary connecting flight from Addis Ababa must depart no later than 24 hours after arrival in Ethiopia. 


Why is this news interesting? The fact is that Russian tourists very often use Addis Ababa as a transit point for traveling to African and Latin American countries. Previously, flights were calculated so that the waiting time for departure lasted a maximum of 5-6 hours, use the “stopover” service; was impossible. Now you can voluntarily reschedule your connecting flight and explore Ethiopia for free. 


According to the organizers, the service encourages many tourists to purposefully visit Ethiopia in the future and learn more about it.

Important< /strong>: Russians who want to use the “stopover” service are required to state this when purchasing the ticket and check that S70.00ET is marked on the billing line. Together with the boarding pass at the check-in desk in Domodedovo, a voucher for hotel accommodation is issued. TURIZM.RU

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