Hungary, Greece and Italy are the best countries for obtaining a Schengen for Russians

Hungary, Greece and Italy — the best countries for getting a Schengen for Russians

On This week, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia published recommendations for Russian citizens on the issue of obtaining Schengen visas. It turned out that the most predictable and convenient at the moment — visa application centers of Hungary, Greece and Italy.

In the analysis of the situation, along with ATOR experts, tour operators who assist in applying for a visa took part.

In the case of Hungary, there are no problems with choosing dates for submitting visa applications to the visa center, applications are processed on average from 17 to 20 working days.

The Greek consulate issues visas stably, only the terms for processing documents have increased. As for failures, they happen extremely rarely and, as a rule, in very serious cases. For example, when a trip has non-tourist destinations.

According to tour operators, it is easier to get a visa to Italy in Moscow than to some other countries, for example, to France, although the media have repeatedly heard that France is the best option for Schengen today. The average processing time for an Italian Schengen visa is approximately 20 business days.

Other countries that accept Schengen visa applications: Austria, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Switzerland. The most difficult visa center for registration — French, as it has the longest line and very limited seating.

Another — submit documents at least a month before the planned departure to avoid possible delays in obtaining.

But Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, the Czech Republic and Estonia do not issue Schengen visas Russians. The first six also do not allow entry to Russian tourists with open visas issued by other Schengen countries.

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