Hut in paradise? What are cheap guesthouses in the Maldives like?

What they look like and where they are

Guesthouses in the Maldives are not at all huts on chicken legs without windows – without doors and not communal apartments with cardboard walls and neighbors completely covered with tattoos with a deep sacred meaning. These are small, as a rule, family hotels with 5-30 rooms, built on the islands where the indigenous population lives. Their average level is 3*, but this is a pure formality: guesthouses of similar “star” rating can significantly differ in food, room equipment, number of rooms, territory, options. There are guesthouses on various islands of the Republic of Maldives, including the popular island-oasis of Thoddoo, sparsely populated Feridhoo, where there is a reef, on the island of Maalos with the beautiful Hanifaru Bay, where they come to feed the stingrays, on Dhiffushi, which is only 35 km from Male, and many others.

Guests of guesthouses use public beaches (usually 3-7 minutes walk) and should be prepared for the fact that some rooms have a shared bathroom. As a rule, guesthouses have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and TVs in the rooms, meals – from breakfast to full board.

If you want to see the Maldives and not go broke, the guesthouse is the best choice.

To suit

If you want to see the Maldives and not go broke, the guesthouse is the best choice. This option is also good for those who like to be “closer to the people”: communicate directly with the locals and live almost like them: go to the same shops and cafes, fish, shop in the markets and cook their own food. Rooms in guesthouses for large families with children are usually not provided. Standard – 2-3-bed accommodation.


Good prices are not the only plus of Maldivian guesthouses. Many of them were built recently and delight the eye with the freshness of the repair, the staff there is also very friendly. Often, guesthouses are located next to resort islands and organize one-day trips there, during which you can live a luxury life and post a couple of dozen relevant photos on social networks. Rest in a guesthouse does not imply restrictions on activities: if you choose the right island, the tourist will have access to diving, windsurfing, excursions to the bounty islands, beautiful beaches and natural exotics.

Since the guesthouses are built on “residential” islands with the local population, alcohol is not served there, and you can buy it in stores also impossible.


When choosing a guesthouse, it is important to carefully study the reviews about it and the island on which it is located. For example, so that later it does not turn out that there is not a single decent restaurant there, it takes 5 hours to get there by ferry, and the main population is fishermen, so the smell of fresh and not very fish will be everywhere.

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The average cost of a stay in a three-star guesthouse for two in November for 6 days is 30,000 RUB. Breakfast is usually included in the price, but taxes are not included – and this is another third of the indicated amount. The most expensive part of the tour to the Maldives will be the flight: in November, for round-trip tickets for two from Moscow with one transfer in Dubai, you will have to pay from 111,000 RUB. Prices on the page are for August 2022

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