I did not expect gastronomic ecstasy, but some dishes are impossible to eat: a review of the Chusovaya base

Ekaterina Borisova, Wikimedia “The base “Chusovaya” is located on the bank of the river of the same name, on the site it positions itself as the best place to relax in the Sverdlovsk region. Scenic views, festive events on certain days and various additional services, including excursions, have been added to the benefits,” Georgy Kovalev, a reader of Subtleties, begins his review. 1/1

Road from Yekaterinburg

We visited the Chusovaya base twice, in February and June, and both times the visit left a strange aftertaste. In fact, we decided to give the complex a second chance in the summer, making a discount on the climatic features of visiting in the winter – but even after the second visit, our opinions were divided.

The wife was pleased with the presence of beautiful photographs and outdoor recreation, but I was skeptical about her arguments: there is no merit of the administration in the clean air and the presence of trees.

In winter we got to the base by car, in the summer we went by train. A ticket to Kourovka cost us 140 RUB per person, the journey took 2.5 hours. At the station, we had a view of the typical Russian outback: private houses, one store, which is the center of attraction for locals, and apathetic railway workers smoking on the porch. Separately, I will single out a strong wind at the station: as we were later told, this is a typical phenomenon for Kourovka even in summer.

We decided to get to Chusovaya by taxi, having specified this point with the administration of the base in advance. We were advised to look at the phone numbers of the drivers on the wall of the store: one call, and after 30 minutes we were on the territory of the complex.


At first glance, Chusovaya seemed huge to us, especially considering that we were located in a building on the edge of the territory, next to the trail to the bridge. However, the very next day, having gone around it up and down, we realized that half an hour was enough to make a full detour at a leisurely pace. 1/1

The base is ideal for relaxing with a child: there were no smokers and drinkers, there is a zoo, you can ride a horse, a good playground, you can ride a boat on a small pond. There is a heated swimming pool, fans of extreme sports are waiting for downhill skiing, a path through the forest leads to a suspension bridge. Lovers of romance will love the bench overlooking the river and the swing, which offers a gorgeous view in summer. To go down to Chusovaya, you need to overcome 100 steps, the water is cool, on the beach with us there are lovers of wild recreation in tents. You can get into the house with a key with an intercom. To limit the number of outsiders, access to the same river is carried out using the same key. We didn’t know about it – we had to dial via video link. On the territory there is a constant construction, but this does not affect the rest.

…and ugliness

And now consider the disadvantages that caught my eye and spoiled the impression of beautiful nature. Meals at the base are scarce, the assortment can hardly be called impressive. The site indicates the possibility of choosing food options – I did not see this in the menu.

Portions are like in a classic student canteen: I did not expect to get gastronomic ecstasy in advance, but still it was impossible to eat some dishes. The price tag is relatively high.

The declared Internet does not always work, it was problematic even to listen to music via Wi-Fi. The days were cool, but we had no heating. Sleeping in June wrapped in blankets is still a pleasure. The furniture was broken, the door to our room closed with difficulty. We note not the best soundproofing – on the first day I listened to the neighbors talking about how they did not like the food in the dining room, and the TV in the room did not work. I will add about winter holidays. We rented skis, but the track itself turned out to be unequipped. In the room itself, we did not have enough blankets, we had to go to the administration in the evening and patiently stand in line.

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Rest on Chusovaya is suitable for families with children, young people will be bored here. If you go, it's better in the summer. The nature is beautiful, but the service needs to be improved. And cashless payments do not always work: if there is no cash, you will sit in a room without water and boil a kettle. 1/1

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