I didn’t regret moving for a single minute: how I changed Moscow to Kislovodsk

 I didn’t regret the move for a single minute: how I changed Moscow to Kislovodsk

“Subtleties” continue to share interesting stories of our readers. Next in line is Vera and her experience of moving from the noisy capital to the cozy resort of Kislovodsk.

Hi everyone!

My name is Vera, and here is the story of my move to Kislovodsk. For the first time I came to this city after a hike along the Elbrus region in 2016. There were still three days before the end of the vacation, during which I decided to get acquainted with the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

I liked Kislovodsk as soon as I got off the train.

It is difficult to describe in words, it is at the level of emotions and sensations. It happens that you come somewhere – and you feel at home. At that time I lived in Moscow (and I am originally from Siberia) and for several years I have been considering various options for moving from the capital.

Why Kislovodsk?

In 2017, when the opportunity to buy an apartment appeared, I began to remember all my travels around the country. The choice was unambiguous – it is Kislovodsk. I really like the climate: temperate, mild, with sunny winters and comfortable summers. Here the air is dry, more than 200 sunny days a year.

The city is located in a very beautiful place: there are mountain ranges around, Elbrus is visible from the park. It's a 3-4 hour drive to my favorite mountains, and you're already enjoying the beauty. And in the city itself and the surrounding area there are many picturesque hiking trails.

Kislovodsk is also a resort city, unhurried, very calm. This was important after living in the frantic pace of the capital.

I'm not even talking about the quality of the products, it is incomparable. And by the way, there are no mosquitoes in Kislovodsk.1/1

I finally moved to permanent residence in October 2019.

Before that, I lived in two cities, spending vacations and holidays in Kislovodsk, and sometimes weekends. This is not my first move to another city, the process has already been worked out and presents no difficulties – I threw out everything superfluous, sent things by a transport company, and left on my own in a couple of days. If you do not make drama out of the move, then technically there is nothing complicated in it.

Since I have been here often, the move was not a culture shock. Everything was already familiar and familiar.1/1

Pros and cons

For me, who grew up in a small Siberian town, there is nothing unexpected in the local pluses and minuses. Although it can be difficult for residents of big cities here – not to compare the quality of infrastructure (there are simply no good private clinics here, just go to doctors in a sanatorium or go to another city), cultural life (there are 5 museums and a philharmonic society in the city, there is no cinema and swimming pool, for example ). Well, the main issue for those who have moved is work. Salaries in the city are low, 20,000 rubles. is the norm. Employees of sanatoriums and shops are in demand, there is no production or large service companies here at all. Therefore, you need to have your own source of income or be ready to open your own business.

Most of those who move here are pensioners.

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< h2>Summary

For me, the pros of this calm, atmospheric resort town outweigh all the cons. Three years later, I have not regretted the move for a single minute. The main thing is to make your choice consciously and accept all the features of life in the provinces.

Good luck to everyone!

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