“I even thought about moving to Thailand”: a review of a trip to Pattaya

The reader of “Subtleties” Elvira first visited Thailand 5 years ago. Since then, it has become a good tradition for her to buy air tickets at least once every two years and fly to distant Southeast Asia. This time the traveler also did not betray herself: about the heat, excursions and hospitable Thais – her detailed review.

About excursions first

I try to book several excursions online in advance, at least for the first days, in order to roughly imagine the trip plan. So, I flew to Pattaya, the first outing was a 2-hour tour on ATVs. A lot of impressions! Nice that lunch was included.

I also visited an ecotour to the elephant sanctuary, an Instagram tour of Pattaya, during which they showed and talked about the temples of Thailand. The group and the guide and I climbed to secret observation platforms, also visited a sheep farm, visited the Pattaya lighthouse and, most surprisingly for me, looked into the Museum of Robots. I liked the Instagram tour more than all the ones I have been on. 1/1

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