I feel like I belong here: how much does life cost in New Zealand

I feel like I belong here: how much does life cost in New Zealand

The long arms of the “Subtlety” finally reached out to New Zealand. And they found Yulia there, who had recently moved to Auckland from Rostov-on-Don. How is life in the country on the opposite point of Zemshara from us, what are the prices there and what kind of people live there?

About moving

The first time I came to New Zealand in 2016, I fell in love with it. In February 2020, she moved to Auckland on a student visa. Having received a bachelor's degree in economics in Russia, here I decided to deviate a little from the direction and chose business management. Nothing has changed since my first visit — I feel like I belong here. sized/f550x700/5j/gq/5jgqyb2ulc00w880k4o408ok4.png” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I feel like I belong here: how much does life cost in New Zealand

What kind of money is there?

Currency — New Zealand dollar (NZD). Its exchange rate against the US dollar is quite stable, as, in principle, the country's economy as a whole.

What about salaries?

The minimum wage is about 20 NZD per hour. Accordingly, about 800 NZD will be released for a standard 40-hour work week (about 25-30 thousand rubles, depending on the exchange rate, I repeat, this is payment per week). Prices, of course, are also higher than in Russia, but disproportionately: food costs two to three times more on average, cars cost about the same as ours, but housing is several times more expensive.

Renting and buying a home

The average price of a house is 37 million RUB. Prices vary depending on the region: for example, Auckland, a business center in New Zealand, is the most expensive (50 million RUB).

Rent costs an average of 17,000 RUB per month. Often acquaintances rent a house together and share the costs.

For comparison, I will give prices for other services: home Internet costs about 4000 RUB monthly, the minimum cellular package is 600 RUB.


The public transport system here is not very well developed; the interval between buses on the route can be 15–30 minutes. The price of the trip is determined by the distance. Auckland is divided into zones, and how many zones you pass through will determine the amount. Usually it is 70–250 RUB. But it is worth noting that all buses are in excellent condition, clean.

Another option is to buy a car. Prices differ little from Russian ones. Add more insurance, the cost of which depends on many factors, registration (about 5000 RUB per year), technical inspection (about 4000 RUB per year). And where without gasoline – about 100 RUB per liter.


  • Milk — 220 RUB per liter
  • Beef (steak) — 1800 RUB per kg
  • Fish (salmon) — 1800 RUB per kg
  • Butter — 600 RUB per kg
  • Sour cream — 500 RUB per kg

Cafes, restaurants, entertainment

If you take a sandwich and coffee for lunch, it will cost 700 RUB. A full meal will cost about 1300 RUB. Dinner in a restaurant – about 2500-3000 RUB per person.

As for cultural entertainment, for example, a ticket for a musical costs 4400 RUB.

Peculiarities of mentality

I will say right away that it is impossible to somehow characterize all the inhabitants of New Zealand as a whole. As in any other country, people here are different, but I will describe the general impression, although there are exceptions. New Zealanders still have a British reserved character: they are very polite, positive, non-confrontational, easy to communicate with. Most importantly, oh-oh-very relaxed (in every way). “Everything will be all right, don’t worry!” is what they say in New Zealand. This is probably why my adaptation went almost imperceptibly, I didn’t even feel it. It was interesting? We also learned about the cost of living in Chile and Norway.

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